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When you realize you suck at coloring

So I’m not even going to talk about how long it’s been since I’ve blogged. I mean, there is really no point. Let’s just start this thing all over again…


Recently (aka the last 6months…maybe more) I’ve been battling with insomnia. Stress related? Maybe. Although, I just stay home with The Boy and teach cycling classes, so it’s not like I can really complain that much. I mean, yeah, I have stress, but not enough that it should keep me tossing and turning night after night.

I’ve tried meditation, pills, no pills, natural supplements, tea, essential oils, breathing in certain ways….basically nothing has really helped, so I keep taking the pills and using my under-eye coverup. Basically, I am open to any suggestions, so when I saw some people posting about their adult coloring books, I was like, “Ooooh yeah, I totally need to try adult coloring”. In case you didn’t know…Adult coloring. It’s all the rage.

So, I did what any sleep deprived person would do. I went to Amazon ordered an adult coloring book. And 50 colored pencils. And I convinced myself that THIS was going to relax me. I waited my two days (Prime shipping…hello!) and then I was off. I had my adult coloring book (why does that sound dirty?), my 50 colored pencils, my pencil sharpener, and my creative spirit. I was ready.

Then, I started coloring….

To be honest, sometimes just choosing the colors stresses me out. Then, as I color, I’m like, “This looks like shit.” I mean, sure, I can color in the lines (depending on my wine consumption), but some people have some pretty amazing coloring pages happening out there in FaceBook-land. Mine don’t stack up. Before you start, I know I shouldn’t compare myself to others and yada-yada-yada, but I’m a perfectionist and that’s what I do. Compare and doubt. It’s a horrible cycle. Also, my hands start to hurt. I’m trying to be all creative and shade and artsy-fartsy stuff like that, and I have to take a break every 30 seconds because my hand starts cramping. I definitely need to buy one of those grippy things that go around your pencil. I went to Target to try and find one, but alas, I think they went out of stock in 1998. Woe is me.

Has the coloring helped with my stress? I don’t know. I only do it every few days or so. After about a month and half I have one completed page. ONE PAGE. These things are intricate though, so hold back that judgy face that you are making behind your computer screen.

Will I keep doing it? Sure. I just bought a new book last week. Maybe by the time I’m 84, I’ll be able to start that one.


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