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Spinning & Drinking & Eating

Is everyone ready for Thanksgiving???

I’m sure if you take spin/cycling classes, you’ll hear a lot of “work hard so you can eat more” or “we gotta burn off all that food we are going to eat”. Yeah…I don’t say those kinds of things. I don’t believe in the “you ate it, now negate it” motivation. Now exercising in order to drink a delicious libation….I’m all over that! If you need a Thanksgiving themed drink, try this Pumpkin Margarita. It is Mmm, Mmm good! I didn’t create the recipe, but I can’t find the link to it.

For Pumpkin Simple Syrup
1 can organic pumpkin puree (canned actually works better than fresh in this case)
1/2 cup organic brown sugar
1/4 cup organic sugar
1 cinnamon stick
2 cups water

For Margarita
1 1/2 oz organic tequila (try 4 Copas)
1/2 oz Cointreau
1 organic lime

For Garnish
1 tsp allspice
1 tsp salt
A pinch of nutmeg


  1. Make a pumpkin simple syrup by combining pumpkin puree with brown sugar, cinnamon stick, nutmeg, and water in a saucepan over low heat.
  2. Stir constantly for 20 to 30 minutes, until cinnamon flavor is present and mixture is smooth. Remove from heat and cool. The Simple syrup should have the consistency of a thin smoothie.
  3. Pass the thick syrup through a fine mesh sieve (or a strainer), using the back of a spoon and discard the pumpkin pulp.
  4. Prep margarita glasses by combining sugar, allspice, and salt and pouring the mixture onto a small plate. Run a wedge of lime around the rim of each margarita glass, and then dip the glass rim into spiced sugar.
  5. For each margarita, combine the juice of half a lime, tequila, Cointreau, and 2 oz pumpkin simple syrup. Shake well and serve on the rocks. Enjoy!


I was planning on reviving an old Thanksgiving playlist or creating a new one, but time got the best of me and I figured since my classes are Monday & Tuesday this week, there was no need to theme it up.

You guys know how I love a theme though. Saturday’s class theme was “One Hit Wonders” and it was cheezy, and fun, and all kinds of wonderful. All kinds of wonderful filled with sweat. Appetizing.

Here is the playlist! Full of some amazing 80’s and 90’s “classics”.

As always, I had a couple remixes in there. I put the original’s in the Spotify list for you since the remixes don’t show up. Here they are, if you are interested.

So that’s all from this neck of the woods. Just spinning, eating, and drinking in store! I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving if you are celebrating!



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The end is near

Yep, it’s that time again. The kiddos are shopping for backpacks and nerding out over their new pencils and pens. Wait. Was I the only kid who would stare at her trapper keeper and keep putting her pens & pencils back in the zip up pouch case? Geez. I hope not. I also hope I wasn’t the only kid who planned her first day of school outfit a week in advance and had it set out and ready to go. If so then…NERD ALERT! <– I think I need to make a shirt that says that!

Anyhoo- the end of summer is upon us! Well, if you aren’t going back to school or don’t have kids heading to school (like me) then you still have some time left to enjoy that summer sun. BUT…in honor of the folks who were/are nearing the end of summer, I decided to make a little playlist. I love a theme! The “End of Summer” playlists boasts songs that are about summer or were/are big time summer hits.

You guys….get super excited about this….

I MADE THE PLAYLIST IN SPOTIFY!!! I promised and I finally followed through. Behold!

AHHH! <that should sound like angels singing BTW>

The only bummer is that the mashups I used are not in there. Also, I always use clean versions of the songs since I teach at the YMCA, the versions in Spotify are not clean.  So…here is the full list in iTunes so you can see the order. I’ll post the YouTube videos of the missing tunes after the ride profile.


This was a 60 minute ride and I really liked how it flowed. I am kind of in love with this playlist and have listened to it quite a few times since. Here is what the ride looked like:

  1. warmup- nice & easy to get those legs warm (3-4 RPE)
  2. flat road- speed up 1-2 pedal strokes on the chorus (5 RPE)
  3. Up to 2nd, sit in saddle and speed up on chorus (6-7 RPE)
  4. Rolling hills- seated to climb, to 3rd for descending (6-7 RPE)
  5. seated hill with a couple resistance variations (7-8 RPE)
  6. speedwork- fast flat and speeding up 1-2 pedal strokes, repeated this twice (7-8 RPE)
  7. 4 count jumps (6-7 RPE)
  8. 2 minute seated hill, add resistance and come up to standing for last 2 min (7 RPE)
  9. recover for 60 seconds, then get on a fast flat (6 RPE)
  10. Fast tempo climb switching between seated & 3rd (8-9 RPE)
  11. recover and then a seated hill, adding resistance on the chorus to slow down the legs, backing off and repeating (7-8 RPE)
  12. hill continues up in 3rd, jumps going from 2nd to 3rd (6-7 RPE)
  13. fast flat, add speed & resistance, add speed- repeat 2x (7 RPE)
  14. up to 3rd, add resistance then add speed on chorus, back to start- repead 3x (7-8 RPE)
  15. recover then getting on a fast flat in position of riders’ choice (5-6 RPE)
  16. 3 sprints- first two roughly 30 seconds, last one 60 seconds with backing off for 10 seconds in the middle (9-10 RPE during sprinting)
  17. cool down
  18. stretch

And here are the missing mashups from my Spotify list:

Call Me On Broken Glass: one of my all time favs!!!

Summertime: A remix of the DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince classic by Venice Beach. You can get a free download on Soundcloud!

Stayin’ Hot: I posted this one as my mashup of the week last week, but here you go again. This has been on constant repeat for me the past few days. Well, pretty much every day since I taught this class on Saturday.

I’ll Be Missing You (Don’t Raise Your Glass): Love this one for spin! You may have seen this one before on one of my other playlists.

There ya have it! Let me know what you guys think of the playlist! What are you favorite summer songs?

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The decade so bad, it was good

Ah, the 90’s. What a decade you were! During the early 90’s people still dressed like they were in the 80’s. Then there was that whole grunge phase followed by the wear your pants around your knees phase.

90’s, you weren’t very kind to me. I was extremely awkward during this time period. For all 10 years of this time period. And probably more. I don’t think I really started hitting a stride till 2002.

To my mom’s credit, she tried to get me to dress better, but I thought that layered neon socks and flood-water pants were all the rage. I would roll up my jeans so that my socks were prominently displayed. This was not cool and if it was, I was about 5 years late to the “show us your neon socks” party. I also remember thinking that purple and red was an awesome color palette. Ah, youth. What a divine time. No wonder the cute boys weren’t knocking down my door.

What better way to build my self esteem (this is sarcasm, people) than to relive the 90’s through a spin playlist. Takin’ it back old school: to when rollerblades were our main mode of transportation, The Babysitters Club books were our bible, TGIF was our social life.



Let’s face it, even though I was a totally dork, the 90’s were pretty great. It’s definitely a “so bad it was good” scenario. The music of the 90’s follows this same saying. Sooooo bad and yet….soooo soooo good. It was really hard coming up with this playlist because (let’s face it) there were just too many awesome songs to choose from. I finally was able to whittle it down to some of my 90’s favorites. Of course, they had to be suitable to spin to and they had to have not been used multiple times before. I wanted to keep it fresh. <insert Fresh Prince of Bell-Air reference/pun/joke here>

Now, I know I told you I was going to figure out this whole Spotify thing so you could actually listen to my playlists on the blog. Well, the small child has been a handful this week and I have not made any progress. You’ll just have to create your own Spotify playlist to enjoy the glorious 90’s playlist below. You won’t regret it.



If you’re not having a fabulous Friday already, this playlist should do it for you!!!

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Pile in…let’s road-trip!

I finally feel like I am starting to get some of my creative playlist mojo back. I don’t know why (could be the 5mo old boy), but I am flat out exhausted these days. Being creative is much more difficult when you don’t even want to move. Tired or not tired, I have classes to teach and playlists/ride profiles must be made. No rest for the weary!

This past Saturday I had an hour class to teach. After teaching so many 45 minute classes, coming up with an hour playlist seemed quite daunting. No need to fear though, I had a theme ride up my sleeve.

We all remember family road-trips as kids:  some were great, some were not so great. I have to say that I was always jealous of the kids that got to ride backwards in the Volvo’s. You know, the way-way back seat where you could make faces at people driving. I don’t even know if these seats were in Volvo’s, but I am assuming they were. Anyways, our family had a van, so I didn’t get to sit backwards. I did, however, get to torment my brother. I think my most famous line was, “Mom, he’s looking out my window.” Yeah, that went over well.

On Saturday, I took my class on a little road-trip. As I aged, I grew wiser and realized that the best part about a road-trip was the music not sitting backwards making faces at strangers. There are songs that still take me back to driving from college to home and back again. Actually, a couple of those songs made this playlist. After this playlist was done, I was really stoked on it, but as always, I get nervous that no one is going to like it. Thankfully my class did like it! If you take classes, it’s always nice to say a little something to the instructor. I love it when I get feedback.

Summer isn’t over yet, so whether you are going out on a bike ride or traveling by car, here is my road-trip playlist for you!



I just learned that you can make you own playlists in Spotify, but I was too lazy/didn’t have the patience to get this one in there. I know. I suck. Hopefully I will get my act together soon so you can actually listen to these lists.

Here is the ride profile if you are interested:

  1. Warmup
  2. Add a bit of resistance in the saddle, up for jumps, sit and go faster (x2)
  3. Fast flat, surge in 3rd on chorus, stay in 3rd, surge in saddle & repeat
  4. Rolling hills
  5. Flat road switching between the saddle and 3rd.
  6. Springs: 15 on/ 15 off
  7. Seated hill. Start on small hill and work to medium. Stand for last minute.
  8. Medium to heavy hill in 3rd, sit for last minute and take a bit of resistance off
  9. Flat road, play with speed
  10. Run in 2nd, sit & sprint
  11. Jumps on a hill
  12. Heavy hill in 3rd, sit & surge
  13. Recover for 60seconds, then sprint pyramid 10/20/30/30/20/10 (20 seconds of rest between each sprint)
  14. Cool down
  15. Stretching continues

I really teach along with the music and this playlist had me in a groove. I really hate when teachers don’t teach with the music. For example: playing a slow song and telling you to sprint. One of my big pet peeves.

I want to know what you guys think! Do you like this playlist? What would be your road-trip songs? Obviously, there are a lot of great songs that I didn’t use. I tried to use all new songs and none that I have repeatedly used in class (like Down Under by Men at Work). I’m thinking there will need to be a 2.0 version of this playlist.


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Interval Training

As I sit at my table writing this, I’m pretty sure I resemble Goldie Hawn in Overboard.

Buh buh buh buh buh is right. After 45 minutes, the tiny man is FINALLY asleep. In order to make this happen, I had to listen to 35 minutes of hysterical crying. Not all in a row mind you. I’m not a monster mom. This was AGONIZING for me. I did let him cry for 10 minutes at a time though. Each minute feels like an hour. Worst thing for a mom ever! My heart has never hurt so much. The hubs told me I need to set a timer because the tiny  man is starting to get smart. He is like a little tiny spy. Trying to figure out our weaknesses. Tricky little tiny man. We are bigger. We are smarter?

So, I let the tiny man cry in intervals: 10 minutes on, 5 minutes off. Kind of like my spin class this morning. Tabatas. 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off. I’d rather do tabatas for days then listen to that crying though. The crying is just him testing me. I have to stay strong. Just like getting through those 8 rounds of tabatas. Isn’t this a great analogy today?!?!? If you’re not a parent, it probably isn’t that great.

Let me just say, when the crying was finished and the sleep won out…I rejoiced. It felt as if I was a unicorn galloping on a rainbow! Reminds me of a Lisa Frank folder.


Ah, Lisa Frank. Yes, I am a child of the 90s. Anyhoo, I’m sure my class felt this way when the tabatas were over too. If you can’t tell, class today was HIIT. The spin had 3 tabatas. A sprint tabata, tabata on a medium road, and a strength tabata. Basically, each time we did a tabata, a bit more resistance was added. Say it with me ta-ba-ta.

The (you guessed it) tabatas are pretty killer. They definitely get you working in that anaerobic zone! In between each tabata was working recovery and a couple hills were in there too. Here is what class looked like today:

  1. Warmup
  2. Jumps on a medium hill, 2 resistance changes
  3. Recover 1 min, 8 rounds sprint tabata, recover 1 min
  4. Run w/resistance in 2nd  & 3rd position
  5. Recover 1 min, 8 rounds medium road tabata
  6. Working recovery in 2nd & 3rd
  7. Rolling hills
  8. Medium to heavy hill (3 resistance changes), seated to standing
  9. Working recovery in 1st
  10. Strength tabata- 4 rounds seated, 4 rounds in 3rd
  11. Recover
  12. Stretch

And here was the soundtrack to class:

tabata time

So, there you have it. Nothing like a little tabata to get your Monday started on the right foot!

Also, even though the tiny man was being a crank nugget, I still was able to bake banana bread, regular bread, and peanut butter cookies. Multi-tasking at its finest. Now, I’m off to enjoy this peace and quiet while it lasts. Hopefully I have at least another 5 minutes!




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The Saturday Special

Saturday class is one of my favorite classes to teach. It’s later in the morning, so people are a bit more chipper, it’s an hour long, and it’s usually a larger class. Larger classes just have a different energy. I love it!

This past Saturday, I had put together a new ride. A little bit of everything– sprints, hills, flats, jumps. Some new songs and some old.

saturday special


Yes, “Classic” was my 14 year old girl choice. I don’t know…it just makes me smile. My friend posted about the Kongos song on FaceBook and when I checked it out, I thought it would be perfect for a standing climb. Have you heard it? I really like it!

I ended the class with “Shout”. My friend who takes my class says she has a love/hate relationship with that song in class. I guess that means I am doing something right.

I’m also loving “Fever” by The Black Keys. I used this as a medium flat road in the saddle, but I think you could do jumps or a climb with it too.

The other new song I used was “Dominos” by Classixx. The hubster found this song. Apparently, he had Shazamed this song on two separate occasions. It’s catchy, no? This was the other flat road on my playlist.

Speaking of Shazam…it’s one of the ways I remind myself of songs I’d like to play in class. If I’m driving along and I hear a song (even if I know who sings it), I Shazam it. Then when I go to create my class, I look at all my Shazam tags to give me inspiration.

So, that was Saturday on the bike.

After teaching, I went home and our little fam headed out to the International Biscuit Fest. Lots of people and lots of tasty biscuits!!! I was glad that the ride had burned over 500 calories, because I’m sure I ate most of those back with  my 5 biscuit tastings. So worth it!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!




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Cinco de Mayo Spinesta

Woot! Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!

Today was my second class back on the bike. Damn, it feels good to be back. Now if only breastfeeding could be over so my tops fit again…Woe is me. Single tear for all the shirts/pants/shorts I want to wear, but can’t. Ok, that is enough self loathing for one morning. Quick, someone pour me a margarita! Not one with one of those mixes either. I want fresh limes!!!

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, I made a special playlist. Of course. Did you expect anything less? I love a themed ride. Below you will find the playlist for Cinco de Mayo Spinesta. It’s like a fiesta of spin. Duh. After the warmup, we traded off between either sprints or hills. It was fun.  I’m sure everyone loved me.


Now, I’m sure you’ve heard all of these songs before so the only one I really want to point out is the “Tequila” remix I found. Give it a listen.

Yep. I know. BEST TEQUILA REMIX EVER! Aaaaaand this tequila remix won’t have you throwing up in the bathroom hating life a couple hours from now. Ole!


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