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All kinds of fun

Ah, all kinds of fun has been had around these parts:

  • We took the little nugget to a pumpkin patch. He wasn’t thrilled. I don’t know why.
  • We’ve been getting ready for Halloween. This means sewing a new zipper on my costume. I haven’t had that “fun” yet, but it’s on the list. I bring out my sewing machine once every blue moon, so it should be interesting!
  • The little nugget has been teething real bad. Super fun.
  • The Giants have been playing in the World Series. Probably more stressful to watch than fun, but we’re glad they are up one game at this point.
  • Spinning has been happening, sometimes twice in one day. Always fun!
  • Blowing bubbles in the house for the little nugget. So much fun!
  • Passing my exercise physiology course to complete my CEC’s to renew my Spinning certificate. Not fun at all while taking it, but soooooo fun to pass and be done with CEC’s….for now.

So, I have a few new playlists/rides that I haven’t shared yet. This one I called “Weekday Fun” because let’s face it, sometimes you need a little weekday fun. Plus, I start running out of ride names when there is no real theme. As always, due to my mashuptastic/remix loving self, a few aren’t going to show up here, but I’ve mentioned them all before. I have a couple new songs that I am loving as of late. First up in my new song lust is “Shut up and Dance” by Walk the Moon and the other is “Fireball” by Pitbull. Now, I normally wouldn’t love Pitbull, but I do think he is great for spin and this song is just fun.

Here is the “Weekday Fun” playlist that I used a week ago. I hope it adds some fun in to the start of your week!

weekdayfun playlist

Here is what we did:

  1. Warmup- easy peasy.
  2. Alternating seated and standing flat, moderate pace between 85-90 BPMs.
  3. Hill to sprint x3- Start in 3rd in a medium hill, take one turn off & speed up legs, take off another turn & sit to sprint.
  4. Seated flat with varying resistance and speed
  5. Resistance loading hill. Start out seated on a small hill, add resistance every 45 seconds until you can’t keep pace and stand to 3rd. Keep loading on resistance until you are on a medium hill. Once you get there stay there.
  6. Reverse hill. Add one more turn, still up in 3rd, to take it to a heavy hill. Every minute take a good sized turn off (so you can feel a difference). End seated on a flat for the last minute.
  7. Power surges x3. Seated flat, add resistance to stand and surge.
  8. Seated and standing hills. Feels like rolling hill because resistance stays the same. Medium hill seated, feels easier when you stand.
  9. Tabatas- 8x. 20sec on/10sec off
  10. Easy flat to recover
  11. Stretch

Yeah! Fun! What kind of fun have you been having lately?

P.S. Speaking of fun rides, I actually get to do a Halloween ride this year. My playlist is ready, now to tweak the profile! Cannot wait for Thursday!


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The decade so bad, it was good

Ah, the 90’s. What a decade you were! During the early 90’s people still dressed like they were in the 80’s. Then there was that whole grunge phase followed by the wear your pants around your knees phase.

90’s, you weren’t very kind to me. I was extremely awkward during this time period. For all 10 years of this time period. And probably more. I don’t think I really started hitting a stride till 2002.

To my mom’s credit, she tried to get me to dress better, but I thought that layered neon socks and flood-water pants were all the rage. I would roll up my jeans so that my socks were prominently displayed. This was not cool and if it was, I was about 5 years late to the “show us your neon socks” party. I also remember thinking that purple and red was an awesome color palette. Ah, youth. What a divine time. No wonder the cute boys weren’t knocking down my door.

What better way to build my self esteem (this is sarcasm, people) than to relive the 90’s through a spin playlist. Takin’ it back old school: to when rollerblades were our main mode of transportation, The Babysitters Club books were our bible, TGIF was our social life.



Let’s face it, even though I was a totally dork, the 90’s were pretty great. It’s definitely a “so bad it was good” scenario. The music of the 90’s follows this same saying. Sooooo bad and yet….soooo soooo good. It was really hard coming up with this playlist because (let’s face it) there were just too many awesome songs to choose from. I finally was able to whittle it down to some of my 90’s favorites. Of course, they had to be suitable to spin to and they had to have not been used multiple times before. I wanted to keep it fresh. <insert Fresh Prince of Bell-Air reference/pun/joke here>

Now, I know I told you I was going to figure out this whole Spotify thing so you could actually listen to my playlists on the blog. Well, the small child has been a handful this week and I have not made any progress. You’ll just have to create your own Spotify playlist to enjoy the glorious 90’s playlist below. You won’t regret it.



If you’re not having a fabulous Friday already, this playlist should do it for you!!!

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New week, new playlist!

Depending on how you slept last night…It’s either “Whoop Whoop, it’s Monday!”


OR…”Womp Womp, it’s Monday.”


I woke up feeling pretty good, but after teaching class I wanted to crawl in to bed again. And I did. For about 10 minutes. Ah, the joys of having a 5mo old! Not like I can really complain though, he sleeps through the night so I’m doing pretty darn good. After having my second cup of coffee, I’m starting to feel human again.

So, I’ve got a brand spankin’ new playlist for ya this morning! Hopefully it will brighten up your Monday (if you need it) and keep you going strong throughout the day.

The ride this morning went through the three training zones. We started off with endurance, moved to strength, and then finished it off with some intervals. Here is the playlist:

zones playlist


This is what we did:

  • Songs 2-4 were endurance. We started with a run in 2nd & 3rd, moved on to a flat road with a right/left drill, stayed on a medium flat road and alternated between 1st & 3rd.
  • Songs 5-7 were hills. We started off with jumps, did a long climb, and ended with a heavy hill with surges.
  • Songs 8-9 were sprint intervals. Started off in 3rd and did seated sprints and moved on to six rounds of tabata.

Let’s talk music:

Have you guys heard the new Fitz song? Soooo good. I love me some Fitz & The Tantrums. Great for a warmup!

Also, I love that song, Pompeii and this remix is taking to a whole new level for me. I used this as a flat road and we did right/left drills.

And who says Dolly Parton wouldn’t work for a spin class? I don’t know, but I think this Kygo version of Jolene would prove them wrong! I used this song for a seated hill climb. We would climb, then back it off to a flat road and then add resistance back in. We started at a 6 and worked our way up to an 8.

I know this Britney song has been around for a while, but as I was watching So You Think You Can Dance, I was like….where has this song been all my life? It’s Britney b*tch. She’s back. Maybe. I don’t use a lot of Britney in my classes, but this song makes me want to work it. This is the clean version and we did tabatas (20 on/20 off, 6 times). I want a Maserati and a martini!





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All Things Jackson

I can’t believe that I haven’t posted about this yet! Sometimes your life just needs an awesome soundtrack. Last Thursday I was so excited to debut my All Things Jackson: Janet vs Michael playlist. I mean, Janet…Michael…it was gonna be epic.

The Jackson’s mean business and a lot of their songs have such a strong beat that the ride ended up being pretty darn hilly. Strength rides; I love ’em.

I taught this class twice in one day. My hamstrings, quads, and glutes were pretty toasted after the second class. I think people really liked the ride. They were all about the theme. I even got a couple “woo’s!” after I announced the theme. I mean, who doesn’t like some Jackson?!?! One person told me that the class was good training for riding the hills on the actual roads. All in all, this ride was a winner!


So….it was really hard to choose which songs to use. There are a lot of great songs that I just couldn’t fit in. I only have 45 minutes. So which ones did I choose? Take a look! P.S. This playlist says 50min, but it’s just because I added some extra music for when people were packing up.


Two songs that I found that I want to point out because they got my spinning mojo going:

1. Rhythm on the Dance Floor Mash-up– Janet & Michael combined!

2. ABC Remix- I’m down with OPP and ABC!

I know! You didn’t realize that Rhythm Nation and ABC could get better! You’re welcome! Seriously, this playlist just makes me so happy.

So yeah, this ride was a lot of hills and power surges. The only sprints were Bad and Beat It. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?!?!





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The last class(es) part deux

So this is it…the playlist from my last class which was two weeks ago!

last class

Like, I mentioned before, the last class I taught at the Y was hoppin’! It was nice to go out there with a bang and I think my Monday morning class really liked this playlist too. 12 songs, 45 minutes…it was good times.

Also, if you notice, Scott Melker struck again. This time with a little Hall & Oats aka Ballin’ Oats mash up. If you don’t love you some Hall & Oats, I just don’t know if we can be friends.

This class was more of a power class with sprinting done at a heavier resistance. This was the gist of the class:

  1.  warmup- nice & easy does it
  2. run up in 2nd with a few jumps
  3. flat Road
  4. up to 3rd on a medium hill, sit and surge on chorus
  5. heavy hill, witching between 1st and 3rd
  6. recover for 60 seconds then sprints- 50 on/30 off (repeat)
  7. jumps on a hill
  8. start on medium hill, small turns on “push the button”, stand in 3rd once hill in saddle gets too heavy
  9. flat road
  10. last working song- up in 3rd on a medium hill, sit and sprint (repeat 3x)
  11. Cooldown
  12. Strech

Have you heard Roving Gambler? If not, it is a remake by Norah Jones & Billie Joe Armstrong. Quite the collaboration, right?

Love. The Everly Brothers also have a version, which is pretty great. It looks like the song first came out in 1925, so there are a lot of versions out there. I thought this was a perfect song for a cooldown.

Well, another Monday morning is here. I woke up early this morning. Yay for pregnancy insomnia! It’s still really weird not to be teaching class. I miss it. I know I’ll be back at it soon enough, but still…

Also, just an FYI, pregnancy insomnia sucks! I know it is preparing me for all the sleep I’ll be missing out on soon enough, but really?!?! Cut a pregnant lady some breaks. Is that too much to ask from good ole Mother Nature? Don’t answer that. I’d like to keep a glimmer of hope in my tired eyes.

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The last class(es)

So, I think I’ve been in a minor depression since I taught my last class on Monday, hence the lack of posting. It’s like a part of me has been taken away. It was time to stop teaching. My belly is now interfering with my form, so it was time. I’m going to miss it terribly for the next 3-4 months though.

The good thing is that my last few classes were awesome! My last class at the Y had the best energy…and with 14 people in class on a Thursday, I couldn’t have asked for more! It was nice to hear people say they were going to miss me and that I’d better be back. Oh…I plan on being back. They need not worry!

My Saturday class was all about the loops. We warmed up and then continued on a flat road, followed by jumps on a medium hill, then power climbs done to power ballads, and sprints. This loop was completed three times for the hour class.

The power climbs done to power ballads was inspired by my husband. He has been on a Hot Rod kick and the soundtrack is almost entirely to Europe. Yes, that’s right people, think The Final Countdown.

If you haven’t seen Hot Rod, it’s totally random, but totally amazing. I mean, spoofing the Footloose-Kevin-Bacon-mad-dancing-scene…amazing.

I told you. Amazing.

And you know what else was amazing…the playlist for “Saturday Fun: Loops”:



I mean, climbing a hill to “You’re the best around”…how could you not feel like Rocky??? Or at least like Sweet Dee???

I also had a few of my fav mashups on this one:

Annie Lennox. She rules.

I have to say, I’m a fan of some Janelle Monae and this mashup with Nancy Sinatra just makes me happy!

The other new song that I’m pretty stoked about is Jagwar Ma’s, Come Save Me. Thanks to NPR for this find!

So what am I doing with myself now that I’m not spinning? Well, I see some elliptical in my future and I’ve still been hitting up my bootcamp classes. Bootcamp with a lot of modifications, that is. Don’t worry, I’ve still got one more new playlist to put up here and I’m not going to stop posting. I know all five of you were really worried that your most favorite blog wouldn’t be posting anymore. Alas, I can only keep re-organizing the baby room so much!



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I’ve got the clap…

NO NO NO! I don’t have gonorrhea (thank goodness!), this is just the title of my latest spin playlist! I know, I’m unbelievably clever…or maybe I’m just a bit sick in the head. Either way, I think I’m hilarious.

So after my whistling playlist, I decided a clapping playlist was in order! I mean, what could be more motivating than clapping??? You’re right…dangling a cupcake in front of my students’ faces while I’m teaching would probably be better. And I would think they would be more excited than this bunny with a carrot dangling in front of him.


Right about now a gin and tonic would  entice me more than a cupcake. Just sayin’, mama is going to be ready for a stiff cocktail once this boy is out of my belly!

Ok- back to the tunes. Without futher adieu…the “I’ve got the clap” playlist.


I really enjoyed this playlist and I’m sure my Monday class did once I finally got the sound system working! The ride was loop-like, we went from a flat road, to jumps or a hill or both, to sprints. Thursday I get a re-do of this class at the other gym I teach at and fingers-crossed, I won’t have any issues.

OH! If you are a clapping fiend and need another amazing song to clap to, have I got a treat for you! I heard this song on the radio this morning and I was like, OMG, clapping. Took me back to 7th grade!

I mean, really?!?! How could I forget about Mr. Big???? I’m sorry. I’ve failed you all.

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