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Down for the count

Welp, this pregnant lady has been down for the count since Tuesday evening. Thought I had food poisoning, but it seems more like a touch of the flu. Let me tell you, throwing up and shivering uncontrollably is NO fun. Plus, when you’re pregnant and it’s after 5PM, you get to take a trip (or two) to the emergency room. The good news is, I am doing better, just incredibly weak. Only eating saltines and drinking Gatorade for two days will do that to ya. Today, I’m going to try and get some more real food down in to my belly.

Not only was being so sick pretty scary because of the whole another-person-is-living-inside-my-body thing, but it also really bummed me out because I had to find a sub for my spin class last night. I know, I know…not really a big deal, but I was disappointed. I really love teaching class and hate to have to find a sub.

I’m hoping I’m feeling good enough to go to my massage tomorrow. Fingers crossed!!! I would hate to have to cancel that too. Until then, I’ll just take advantage of getting to stay home and rest on the couch another day. At least my good friend is coming over to take care of me and make me laugh. Ellen is the best!! Don’t you agree???

Since I’ve been spending a lot of time on the FaceBook these past couple of days, I figured I would share the little song cover that my fabulous sister-in-law had posted. HAPPY FRIDAY!!!


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