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Your mashup of the week is here! I don’t know about you, but I love me some Phil Collins. He just gets me. A spin teacher I use to have would play “In the Air Tonight” and say that the song was about his divorce. I’m not sure if that is true or not, but I did love her spin classes.

This mashup combines Phil Collins and Nas and is from one of my fav mashup masters, Scott Melker. You can download this track on his website for free right now. Click on the pic of Mr. Trill Collins to listen to the track! The whole album is legit and I may be purchasing the rest of the tracks.


Give it a listen! I’m sure you’re going to love it. I can’t wait to get back to teaching so I can use this in class. Can you say “hill climb”?!?! Oh yeah, baby.

Speaking of babies, Baby G is still not making an appearance. The bike ride didn’t work.

Oh and while we’re talking about Phil Collins, does anyone know what the heck Sussudio means?


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The last class(es) part deux

So this is it…the playlist from my last class which was two weeks ago!

last class

Like, I mentioned before, the last class I taught at the Y was hoppin’! It was nice to go out there with a bang and I think my Monday morning class really liked this playlist too. 12 songs, 45 minutes…it was good times.

Also, if you notice, Scott Melker struck again. This time with a little Hall & Oats aka Ballin’ Oats mash up. If you don’t love you some Hall & Oats, I just don’t know if we can be friends.

This class was more of a power class with sprinting done at a heavier resistance. This was the gist of the class:

  1.  warmup- nice & easy does it
  2. run up in 2nd with a few jumps
  3. flat Road
  4. up to 3rd on a medium hill, sit and surge on chorus
  5. heavy hill, witching between 1st and 3rd
  6. recover for 60 seconds then sprints- 50 on/30 off (repeat)
  7. jumps on a hill
  8. start on medium hill, small turns on “push the button”, stand in 3rd once hill in saddle gets too heavy
  9. flat road
  10. last working song- up in 3rd on a medium hill, sit and sprint (repeat 3x)
  11. Cooldown
  12. Strech

Have you heard Roving Gambler? If not, it is a remake by Norah Jones & Billie Joe Armstrong. Quite the collaboration, right?

Love. The Everly Brothers also have a version, which is pretty great. It looks like the song first came out in 1925, so there are a lot of versions out there. I thought this was a perfect song for a cooldown.

Well, another Monday morning is here. I woke up early this morning. Yay for pregnancy insomnia! It’s still really weird not to be teaching class. I miss it. I know I’ll be back at it soon enough, but still…

Also, just an FYI, pregnancy insomnia sucks! I know it is preparing me for all the sleep I’ll be missing out on soon enough, but really?!?! Cut a pregnant lady some breaks. Is that too much to ask from good ole Mother Nature? Don’t answer that. I’d like to keep a glimmer of hope in my tired eyes.

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Mashup of the week

Confession: I love mashups.


I had forgotten that I had downloaded this mashup until I did my “Party People” playlist. Now, it’s pretty much been on repeat.

I hope you enjoy! I mean, how can you go wrong with Whitney Houston. It’s Whitney. She’s mashed up with Soulja Boy for a slower version of “I Wanna Dance with Somebody”.

Confession 2: I had to look up how to spell Soulja boy.

Click here to check out the mashup! Also, Scott Melker is the mashup mastermind behind this song and many others that I’m in love with. You can check out tons of his mashups on Soundcloud and they almost all have free downloads. Bonus!


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