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Fall back

Hello Fall! You are gorgeous.


This weekend, the hubs and I took a little drive and enjoyed all of the lovely foliage. I don’t know why everyone complains about this time change so much. I mean, yeah, it gets darker later, but is it really that bad? Slow down a bit. Go home earlier. Go to sleep at 8:30 9 PM and not feel guilty. All I know is I was very glad we were falling back because it made getting up for 5:30 AM spin extremely easy this morning.

I’ve done a daylight savings time playlist before, but today….no theme. A lot of song randomness. It’s true. I went from Trick Daddy to Neil Young. It’s how I roll.

I also introduced my class to a little lady named Sally. Maybe you’ve seen Sally lately on the interwebs. Eww. No, not like that. Get your head out of the gutter! It’s a song that has been used for pushups or squats. You basically do what the song says, when you “bring Sally up”, you go up, when you “bring Sally down”, you go down. After doing squats to Sally, I figured it would be good to take her for a spin. I made it a bit tougher for the group by starting at a 7 on their resistance scale and by the end they were at a 10, pushing it to the max with their resistance. It was fun. Everyone left super sweaty today. The sign of a good start to the week!

The Tunes:

monday playlist

See…pretty random. Just the way I like it. A little bit of new, a little bit of old, and as always…a couple mashups to keep it interesting!


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