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New Year, New Workout

I taught bootcamp blitz last night. Attendance was dismal. Two people. I figured attendance would be low the evening after all of the New Year’s Eve festivities. Even though I only had two people, I made sure to give them a good workout! I mean, they made the effort to get there, so they deserved to work it out! The one guy was a still a tad bit hungover and I’m not sure he was really that excited to be talked in to class by his friend. He stuck it out though! So…the workout. I saw that The Fitnessista had a pretty darn good post-Christmas workout, so I took that as inspiration and added my own spin on it!

Here’s what we did:

5 minute warmup: Consisted of jogging around the gym, jumping jacks, Frankenstein walks, in-in-out-out with the floor ladders.

The plan for this workout was simple, a round of tabata followed by a strength section to hit the upper body, lower body, and abs. Each strength exercise was performed for one minute before moving on to the next.┬áIf you don’t remember, tabatas are 20 seconds all out with 10 seconds of rest for 8 rounds.

Tabata 1: fast pace squats and 180 degree jumps, alternate between the two

  • pushup to side plank
  • walking wall sit
  • sit-up challenge- partner kept track of how many so that they could beat it the next round

Tabata 2: high knees, burpees, mountain climbers, and jumping lunges and repeat.

  • plank up downs
  • one legged bridge, switch legs at 30 seconds
  • sit-up challenge

Now, I had planned a third tabata, but the class is only a total of 30 minutes, so we didn’t get to it. Thirty minutes goes by really fast! These two were friends, so we ended up starting just a tad bit late, but this is what it would have been in case you want to do it at home! I would also add tricep dips and one legged squats to the strength section to make this a complete 3-round workout. It’s a new year…get to it!

Tabata 3: skiers and sumo squats, alternate between the two

  • final sit-up challenge

My music for this class was pretty much all mashups. Stay tuned and I’ll be sure to post it for those of you who are mashup obsessed like myself!



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