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All kinds of fun

Ah, all kinds of fun has been had around these parts:

  • We took the little nugget to a pumpkin patch. He wasn’t thrilled. I don’t know why.
  • We’ve been getting ready for Halloween. This means sewing a new zipper on my costume. I haven’t had that “fun” yet, but it’s on the list. I bring out my sewing machine once every blue moon, so it should be interesting!
  • The little nugget has been teething real bad. Super fun.
  • The Giants have been playing in the World Series. Probably more stressful to watch than fun, but we’re glad they are up one game at this point.
  • Spinning has been happening, sometimes twice in one day. Always fun!
  • Blowing bubbles in the house for the little nugget. So much fun!
  • Passing my exercise physiology course to complete my CEC’s to renew my Spinning certificate. Not fun at all while taking it, but soooooo fun to pass and be done with CEC’s….for now.

So, I have a few new playlists/rides that I haven’t shared yet. This one I called “Weekday Fun” because let’s face it, sometimes you need a little weekday fun. Plus, I start running out of ride names when there is no real theme. As always, due to my mashuptastic/remix loving self, a few aren’t going to show up here, but I’ve mentioned them all before. I have a couple new songs that I am loving as of late. First up in my new song lust is “Shut up and Dance” by Walk the Moon and the other is “Fireball” by Pitbull. Now, I normally wouldn’t love Pitbull, but I do think he is great for spin and this song is just fun.

Here is the “Weekday Fun” playlist that I used a week ago. I hope it adds some fun in to the start of your week!

weekdayfun playlist

Here is what we did:

  1. Warmup- easy peasy.
  2. Alternating seated and standing flat, moderate pace between 85-90 BPMs.
  3. Hill to sprint x3- Start in 3rd in a medium hill, take one turn off & speed up legs, take off another turn & sit to sprint.
  4. Seated flat with varying resistance and speed
  5. Resistance loading hill. Start out seated on a small hill, add resistance every 45 seconds until you can’t keep pace and stand to 3rd. Keep loading on resistance until you are on a medium hill. Once you get there stay there.
  6. Reverse hill. Add one more turn, still up in 3rd, to take it to a heavy hill. Every minute take a good sized turn off (so you can feel a difference). End seated on a flat for the last minute.
  7. Power surges x3. Seated flat, add resistance to stand and surge.
  8. Seated and standing hills. Feels like rolling hill because resistance stays the same. Medium hill seated, feels easier when you stand.
  9. Tabatas- 8x. 20sec on/10sec off
  10. Easy flat to recover
  11. Stretch

Yeah! Fun! What kind of fun have you been having lately?

P.S. Speaking of fun rides, I actually get to do a Halloween ride this year. My playlist is ready, now to tweak the profile! Cannot wait for Thursday!


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New playlist alert!!!

Whew! Finally…got a post in before the week was over.

Music inspiration has been coming from some various blogs (<–links to Chris Spins and Spinning Freak) and Spotify. If you teach spin, follow Julz Arney on Spotify, she’s got some great music!

This profile was all about hills and intervals and it was a good one! I heard some “oof’s” and “ugh’s” and “woo’s”and heavy breathing from participants, so you know it was a good workout. I did use a couple of Robin Skouteris’ mashups, which I posted about last week. Of course, those songs aren’t on Spotify, but be sure to check them out…if you’re in to that kind of thing.

Here is what we did:

  • Pumpin Blood- Warmup: nice and easy
  • Love Runs Out- Power surges in the saddle. 3 total surges
  • Tongue Tied: rolling hills- added resistance to go up to 3rd, took off resistance & added speed to go downhill in the saddle
  • Run Away Baby- Power surges- run in second, sit & surge. 3 total surges
  • Breaking a Sweat: Sprints. Start at :30, 30 on 30 off, 5 total
  • 25 Miles: Start of 10min hill. Started off easy (seated) and added tiny turns every 30 seconds till reach a medium hill (stand)
  • Rock This: staying on a medium hill (standing) with jumps
  • Run this Town: last stretch of hill, going from medium to heavy (standing). Transition to seated for the last 45 seconds.
  • Train in Vain: recover/flat road
  • Wings: Power surges. Start up in 3rd, add resistance and go a bit faster, add a bit more resistance and sit & surge
  • Girls Just Wanna Dance: Sprints.  30 on 40 off. Work hard to earn that extra 10 seconds of recovery, start at 1:00
  • Some Kind of Wonderful: start cooling down
  • You Shook Me All Night Long: stretch

Hope you all have a great weekend! Let me know if you try out this ride!



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On the level

Holy soreness! I am still recovering from Tuesday morning’s weight sesh. Not only have my arms been sore, but my hammies have a special kind of hate for me. When I woke up this morning, not only did I not know why the hell my alarm was going off, but I could barely walk. Deadlifts and squats have a way of doing that to me.


Thankfully, I wasn’t dead (even though I felt like I had zombie legs) and I did realize that the reason my alarm was going off was because I had a class to get to!

When I was making a plan of attack for today, I knew that I wanted a couple of tabatas mixed in with some hills and speedwork. I was looking for new tabata songs when I stumbled upon Beth Alexander’s blog. Thanks to her, today’s class came together very easily. I used her “Level your playing field” ride with a few tweaks. Also, thanks to Beth, I have a new way of putting together my ride profiles so it’s easier for you to understand and use. Big round of applause for Beth! Woo!

The idea behind this ride is that you go through four different levels:

  1. easy: just like it sounds…easy peasy
  2. moderate: still feeling comfortable, you could carry on a conversation with the rider next to you
  3. hard: getting uncomfortable, legs starting to burn, difficult to speak
  4. very hard: uncomfortable, breathless, no speaking possible

Typically I use a 1-10 scale for RPE (rate of perceived exertion). This is basically the same, but a bit more simplified. I liked the idea of having four easy levels to hit. This ride is 45 minutes and if you are hitting those levels, it’s a doozy with a great playlist. FYI- The “Wild Night” that I used was the Van Morrison version, but I can’t find it in Spotify, so John Mellencamp is in there. Also–I can’t find the AC/DC version of Thunderstruck on Spotify. 

On the level

You can download this handy PDF!

Now if you excuse me, I’ll be trying to stretch out these hamstrings! I see some downward dog and forward bends in my near future.

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Gettin’ Loopy

Last week was a bit loopy. I accidentally slept through my alarm for class Monday morning…not the best way to start the week. Had to go to the doctor again for my damn sinuses. I have a CAT scan scheduled this week and an appointment with an ENT, so I’m hoping to get to the bottom of all of it. Looking like I’ve been punched in the eyes is not the best of looks.

Luckily, I was able to get my act together later in the week and put a new class together. After not teaching for a week, I thought I might fall off the bike and need to be rescued by one of my students. That didn’t happen. Thank goodness!

This playlist went through three loops. First, we warmed up, then we got on a flat road for some endurance in first, second, and third position, then we moved to a hill, and then rounded it all out with sprints. We repeated that loop two more times and ended with a cooldown.

Here are the tunes:

Two of the mashups aren’t there. One of my all time fav’s “Call me on broken glass” (which was an endurance song) and “We found somebody that I used to know” (which was a sprint).

This week I have no clue what I’m doing for class on Thursday. Gotta make some magic happen. Any song suggestions?

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Makes me that much stronger

Strength. It can be defined in many ways. Merriam-Webster defines strength as:

strength- noun \ˈstreŋ(k)th, ˈstren(t)th\

: the quality or state of being physically strong

: the ability to resist being moved or broken by a force

: the quality that allows someone to deal with problems in a determined and effective way

We are all strong in different ways and some days we need to be stronger than others. Strength is just more than how much we can bench press or how ripped our abs look. Although, some ripped abs are always nice. Seriously though, whether it is keeping your composure while your child/boss/colleague is testing your every patience or learning to walk again after an accident, we show varying degrees of strength daily.

Our strengths and our weaknesses make us who we are, but I believe that they are true variables. Some days we are stronger and some we are weaker. We can be stronger than yesterday, but it takes work.  It also takes dedication and honesty. This applies to life and the gym. Also, it doesn’t hurt to have someone to help you along the way either. Asking for help does not make you weak.

I decided that strength was going to be the theme of my Thursday rides this week and I was going to help my classes push themselves a little harder in order to get stronger. We have been doing quite a bit of speedwork lately, but I believe that real change comes when there is resistance. (P.S. I always harp on having resistance on the wheel for sprints. Speed + resistance = crossing the finish line first.) Real change comes when you are uncomfortable. Real change comes when you change your mindset. I see a lot of riders being scared of adding resistance, but without it you can’t get stronger or faster. Same is true in life. You can’t get stronger without challenges and adversity.

This playlist came together very quickly. It actually surprised me at how fast I finished it. After listening to it twice while running and walking, I decided I was happy with it and didn’t tweak it at all. A lot of times I tinker a bit after listening to my playlists.

As always, a couple of songs, won’t show up.

Kygo’s remix of Sexual Healing:

Aaand Jimmy Fallon, The Roots & Meghan Trainor singing All About That Bass. I love the regular version of this song, which I think I already told you about, but this…… I HAD to use it. Cooling down to the smooth sounds of classroom instruments. Perfection.

Here is the profile:

  1. warmup- nice & easy (RPE 3-4) song: your easy lovin
  2. starting to work. add a bit of resistance, staying on a flat, speeding up, adding resistance taking it up to 2nd, speeding up, add a tiny bit more resistance, take it out to 3rd, speed up. (RPE 5-6) song: straight to memphis
  3. power surges. Think sprinting with medium resistance. Up in 2nd, sit and surge, up to 2nd again to recover and repeat. (RPE- 5-6 in 2nd, 7-8 on surges) /song: bad medicine
  4. recover if needed, then get on a medium hill in the saddle, take it up to 3rd after a minute, getting in a few jumps from 2nd to 3rd position. (RPE 6-7) /song: vivrant thing
  5. rolling hills  in the saddle (RPE 6-7) /song: sexual healing
  6. steepest climb of the ride. Start off on a medium hill, adding in resistance till it becomes heavy. Really dig in deep for the last minute and a half. (RPE- starting out at a 7, taking it up to a 9) /song: tops
  7. recover, then get back on a flat road, 2-3-sec sprints (RPE 6) /song: out of  my league
  8. add enough resistance to come up to 2nd, add a small turn when chorus starts, then another and add speed (RPE 7-8) /song: bang bang
  9. rolling hills in the saddle (RPE 6-7)  /song: bad blood
  10. sprints- 30 sec each (4x) (RPE 7-9- should be on higher end while sprinting) /song: na na na
  11. cool down and start stretching /song: all about that bass
  12. stretch and finish /song: c’est pour toi

Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger. Hopefully, my class really did try to push themselves a bit and left feeling stronger than when they entered. It’s easy to sit there and stick with the resistance you are comfortable with, but it takes courage to try to take it a bit further. I always try to remind classes that they can always add it on and if it’s too much, you just take it back a bit. That’s the beauty of the bike. I also always remind people that the pedal strokes should always remain smooth. If you ever get that sticky/jerky feeling when you are pedaling, you have too much resistance on. I’m a big fan of keeping those knees healthy (and strong)!

Exercise can mimic life. Sometimes letting it all out on the bike can be very cathartic.  I really like this strength ride because you have to push yourself. You have to find that fight in you to not give up.  It definitely takes work to be stronger than yesterday.  Hills (like obstacles in life) can test our physical and mental strength.  Sometimes we think they will never end, but thank goodness for  a good beat.

I hope you are all having a great day. Stay strong and find that beat that keeps you moving!



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Just another manic Monday

Welp, it’s Monday and it is a bit crazy over here. The little and I have been fighting a cold for about 10 days now, so this morning we went to the doctor for him and this afternoon we are going for me. The little has a sinus infection (poor baby boy), so we’ve got to pick up his antibiotics. Maybe we will get matching scripts…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of my playlists and since the little is napping, I’m able to get a post in. Yeah for multitasking!!! This playlist was mostly made up of recent downloads. Seems like the end of summer has brought some great new spin tunes to the radio these days.

This playlist is 47 minutes and is more of a speed workout with a couple of hills thrown in for good measure. As always, there are a couple songs that won’t play in Spotify. Sorry! I already talked about my love for the Rolling with the Tiger mashup. It’s amazing. If you haven’t taken a listen yet, get on it!

Here is the ride profile (along with some commentary):

  1. warmup (I’ve been waiting a while to use this song, I kind of forgot about it until the other day)
  2. playing with resistance in speed in all 3 positions. Each minute add speed and resistance and change positions- start seated, go up to second, end out in third. (Love this song. Had an old spin instructor that I’ve stole it from.)
  3. tabatas- 20 on/10 off (repeat 4x) (A So You Think You Can Dance inspired find!)
  4. recover and then get back on a flat road- Right/Left drill (This song is my new find. I haven’t listened to much of Wunder Wunder’s other stuff, but I plan on it.)
  5. around the world jumps on a small hill (an oldie, but a goodie)
  6. add resistance and take it up to 3rd. Alternate between seated & third. It will feel steeper when seated, try to maintain pace in both positions. (click the link above to fall in love with this one!)
  7. flat road- after recovering, play with resistance and speed. Add speed and resistance, then add speed or resistance and sprint on fastest part of chorus. (I want to hate Maroon 5, but I just can’t. #sorryimnotsorry)
  8. Add enough resistance to take it up to 2nd at a moderate pace. On chorus add resistance and push harder. (I seriously have this song on repeat. Cannot get enough.)
  9. small hill in the saddle. add in a few 8 count jumps. (Ummm, I know that the 14 yr olds are probably loving this song and don’t even realize it’s a remake. Word up.)
  10. back to a flat road and play with speed and resistance (found this song by watching So You Think You Can Dance). I actually have found quite a few good spin songs because of that show. There is another Club de Belugas song that they featured that I use as well.
  11. tabatas- 20 on/10 off (repeat 4x). (I love this remix. It’s faster and not quite 4 minutes. I can’t find it anymore on YouTube to share with you 😦 )
  12. cooldown & stretch
  13. continue stretching (Love this Summertime Sadness cover. The singer-songwriters get me every time!)

I hope you are all having an awesome Monday. Got any new music that you are loving?

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New week, new playlist!

Depending on how you slept last night…It’s either “Whoop Whoop, it’s Monday!”


OR…”Womp Womp, it’s Monday.”


I woke up feeling pretty good, but after teaching class I wanted to crawl in to bed again. And I did. For about 10 minutes. Ah, the joys of having a 5mo old! Not like I can really complain though, he sleeps through the night so I’m doing pretty darn good. After having my second cup of coffee, I’m starting to feel human again.

So, I’ve got a brand spankin’ new playlist for ya this morning! Hopefully it will brighten up your Monday (if you need it) and keep you going strong throughout the day.

The ride this morning went through the three training zones. We started off with endurance, moved to strength, and then finished it off with some intervals. Here is the playlist:

zones playlist


This is what we did:

  • Songs 2-4 were endurance. We started with a run in 2nd & 3rd, moved on to a flat road with a right/left drill, stayed on a medium flat road and alternated between 1st & 3rd.
  • Songs 5-7 were hills. We started off with jumps, did a long climb, and ended with a heavy hill with surges.
  • Songs 8-9 were sprint intervals. Started off in 3rd and did seated sprints and moved on to six rounds of tabata.

Let’s talk music:

Have you guys heard the new Fitz song? Soooo good. I love me some Fitz & The Tantrums. Great for a warmup!

Also, I love that song, Pompeii and this remix is taking to a whole new level for me. I used this as a flat road and we did right/left drills.

And who says Dolly Parton wouldn’t work for a spin class? I don’t know, but I think this Kygo version of Jolene would prove them wrong! I used this song for a seated hill climb. We would climb, then back it off to a flat road and then add resistance back in. We started at a 6 and worked our way up to an 8.

I know this Britney song has been around for a while, but as I was watching So You Think You Can Dance, I was like….where has this song been all my life? It’s Britney b*tch. She’s back. Maybe. I don’t use a lot of Britney in my classes, but this song makes me want to work it. This is the clean version and we did tabatas (20 on/20 off, 6 times). I want a Maserati and a martini!





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