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Pile in…let’s road-trip!

I finally feel like I am starting to get some of my creative playlist mojo back. I don’t know why (could be the 5mo old boy), but I am flat out exhausted these days. Being creative is much more difficult when you don’t even want to move. Tired or not tired, I have classes to teach and playlists/ride profiles must be made. No rest for the weary!

This past Saturday I had an hour class to teach. After teaching so many 45 minute classes, coming up with an hour playlist seemed quite daunting. No need to fear though, I had a theme ride up my sleeve.

We all remember family road-trips as kids:  some were great, some were not so great. I have to say that I was always jealous of the kids that got to ride backwards in the Volvo’s. You know, the way-way back seat where you could make faces at people driving. I don’t even know if these seats were in Volvo’s, but I am assuming they were. Anyways, our family had a van, so I didn’t get to sit backwards. I did, however, get to torment my brother. I think my most famous line was, “Mom, he’s looking out my window.” Yeah, that went over well.

On Saturday, I took my class on a little road-trip. As I aged, I grew wiser and realized that the best part about a road-trip was the music not sitting backwards making faces at strangers. There are songs that still take me back to driving from college to home and back again. Actually, a couple of those songs made this playlist. After this playlist was done, I was really stoked on it, but as always, I get nervous that no one is going to like it. Thankfully my class did like it! If you take classes, it’s always nice to say a little something to the instructor. I love it when I get feedback.

Summer isn’t over yet, so whether you are going out on a bike ride or traveling by car, here is my road-trip playlist for you!



I just learned that you can make you own playlists in Spotify, but I was too lazy/didn’t have the patience to get this one in there. I know. I suck. Hopefully I will get my act together soon so you can actually listen to these lists.

Here is the ride profile if you are interested:

  1. Warmup
  2. Add a bit of resistance in the saddle, up for jumps, sit and go faster (x2)
  3. Fast flat, surge in 3rd on chorus, stay in 3rd, surge in saddle & repeat
  4. Rolling hills
  5. Flat road switching between the saddle and 3rd.
  6. Springs: 15 on/ 15 off
  7. Seated hill. Start on small hill and work to medium. Stand for last minute.
  8. Medium to heavy hill in 3rd, sit for last minute and take a bit of resistance off
  9. Flat road, play with speed
  10. Run in 2nd, sit & sprint
  11. Jumps on a hill
  12. Heavy hill in 3rd, sit & surge
  13. Recover for 60seconds, then sprint pyramid 10/20/30/30/20/10 (20 seconds of rest between each sprint)
  14. Cool down
  15. Stretching continues

I really teach along with the music and this playlist had me in a groove. I really hate when teachers don’t teach with the music. For example: playing a slow song and telling you to sprint. One of my big pet peeves.

I want to know what you guys think! Do you like this playlist? What would be your road-trip songs? Obviously, there are a lot of great songs that I didn’t use. I tried to use all new songs and none that I have repeatedly used in class (like Down Under by Men at Work). I’m thinking there will need to be a 2.0 version of this playlist.



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Mashup of the Week

Ok, so I know I have never done this post weekly. Maybe that will change…maybe not. All I know is that I am on the search for some new music since I start teaching again next month. Wee! Can you feel my excitement?!?! If you have any good tunes for me to check out, let me know!

Today, I found this mashup. I mean, Men at Work vs Avicii– how could you go wrong??? I was a bit skeptical, but upon first listen, I fell in love. I’m thinking this will be good for some sprints!

Wake Me Up Down Under Mashup

What do you think??? Did it get your mashup mojo going? I hope so!

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All Fired Up

As I was riding my bike this morning and listening to one of my old playlists, Pat Benatar’s “All Fired Up” came on. Pat Benatar = instant energy infusion. Who needs Red Bull when you have Ms. Benatar. Gah! I LOVE that song. It really does fire me up! I love using it for power sprints in class and people better get ready because I will be using it when I get back to teaching next month.

Don’t you feel ready to take on the world??? I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!!!


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The power of music

Well, I have been absent from posting because Baby G was born on Saturday, February 22nd.  Pretty good reason to be MIA, don’t ya think??? I can’t believe it’s almost been 3 weeks! I won’t bore you all with the details, but it was a bit of a traumatic labor and ended with an emergency c-section. Needless to say, it is going to be a long 6 weeks before I can get back to any type of exercise or teaching classes. Oh well, I’m just enjoying the time getting to know the new tiny man in my life and trying to not focus on how mushy my stomach seems to be.

In the last few days, we have figured out that the tiny man seems to be quite the fan of music. We put on some Motown the other day and he stopped crying immediately. Weird? Maybe. Understandable? Totally! We had music on all the time while I was pregnant and the tiny man definitely heard a lot during all of my spin classes. In addition to Motown, he is loving the 80s. I put on my Howard Jones Pandora station the other night and he went out like a light. He also started crying a bit in the car yesterday and then Madonna came on and there wasn’t another peep. I like his style!

Not that this is profound or anything, but it is so amazing how music can motivate, soothe, or energize us. For me, it is definitely a form of meditation. If I’m having a bad day, I can put on “Life in one Day” by Howard Jones or “I love it” by Icona Pop or “Train in Vain” by The Clash and I instantly feel better. Music also can bring back strong memories. For instance (don’t judge me) anytime Mr. Big’s “To be With You” comes on, it takes me back to being in my mom’s van driving to my Oma & Opa’s house and singing along to that song. Or hearing Weezer’s “Sweater Song” and being instantly transported back to 7th (or was it 8th?) grade.

I’m so glad that the tiny man can be soothed by music and I hope it continues. I can’t wait until we can have dance parties with him in our living room and embarrass him by singing Hall & Oats or whatever else it is that he will find totally cringe worthy. I’m sure me singing and dancing to my ultimate jam, “It’s Tricky” by Run DMC will be sure to get him running for the hills!

Do you guys have certain songs that take you back, totally soothe you, or get you in the mood to work out?



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How Rude!


This past saturday at spin class, I totally had a 90sStephanieTannerHowRude moment. First of all, if you take group fitness classes, please try to be on time. It really is rude and disruptive to show up late and not know how to get yourself set up. I really do care if my students are set up properly on the bike and when you come in 10mins late, I can’t really properly explain everything to you. The music is pumping, I’m trying to help you and concentrate on still leading the class. It just isn’t ideal. Ok. Rant numero uno over.

NOW…this is a major, major no-no. Cell phones. Seriously, it’s an hour out of your life. Unless you are an on-call doctor there is no reason why your phone should ever come out. I use to go to a class where my friend would text during class and I would give him shit about it every time. It’s rude to the instructor and I find it rude to the whole class. Live in the now people, live in the now!

So, as if texting wasn’t bad enough, to actually get on your phone is another total low on the spin no-no list. Saturday, a lady actually took out her phone and had a full on conversation. She was covering up one ear with her hand, because DUH, it’s loud in here…YOU’RE SUPPOSE TO BE WORKING YOUR LEG MUSCLES NOT YOUR LIPS!!!! I was astonished. To come in late and then take a phone call, and let me say, it appeared she actually MADE the call and wasn’t just answering it. Totally rude.

I really liked my playlist for Saturday and was a bit bummed when only 6 people were there. An early game day will do that to a class when you live in a place where “Football is King”. I mean, I take a lot of time putting these classes together, so having less people is never great,  but then to have someone so disengaged. I just don’t get it. If you show up to class, really show up. Put in the work and then go back to everyday life once you’re out of the room.

ARG. Ok. Rant number two, done. I really only have two rants. Lucky you!

Before I get to the tunage, I just wanted to let you know that there is one gentleman who will occasionally come to my class, stay for 5 minutes, and then leave. I think he doesn’t like me. Oh well. Can’t have them all love you. Mr. B came to class and said that when I played the Korean song (I am the best) it probably upset him. I was just trying something new and different. I thought the song had a good beat and was good for some sprint intervals, and he wasn’t Korean, so I know there weren’t any “F-bombs” that he could understand. I did say it was from North Korea instead of South Korea (that’s called pregnancy brain, people!), so…Eh…what are you going to do??? I just don’t get him. I mean, he has done this at least three times. When he sees me, he should just be like “Oh no, it’s her again. I’m outtie.” I doubt he would say outtie, he’s got to be in his 60s or 70s. When he came in during the “rap”, I thought, “Oh geez, why didn’t I choose Van Morrison instead of Dirty Money.” I pretty much knew the walk out was inevitable. Maybe I did have 3 rants….

Ok! Enough ranting about the poor etiquette of my class this past Saturday. Now, what you’ve all been waiting for (drumroll, please)……..The Tunes:

sat spin

The gist: 3 different loops, consisting of intervals, a flat rd, and hill climb. The last loop I switched the order so that we went from a flat road, to hill climb and then one last interval.

So, that was Saturday. I’ll be making some changes to this playlist to make it shorter for my Monday class at the other gym. This playlist is a bit over 60 minutes. I’ll be taking it down to 45-50 for Monday.

Hope you are all having a great weekend! Remember, don’t be rude during group classes! Instructors do notice!


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