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Gettin’ Loopy

Last week was a bit loopy. I accidentally slept through my alarm for class Monday morning…not the best way to start the week. Had to go to the doctor again for my damn sinuses. I have a CAT scan scheduled this week and an appointment with an ENT, so I’m hoping to get to the bottom of all of it. Looking like I’ve been punched in the eyes is not the best of looks.

Luckily, I was able to get my act together later in the week and put a new class together.¬†After not teaching for a week, I thought I might fall off the bike and need to be rescued by one of my students. That didn’t happen. Thank goodness!

This playlist went through three loops. First, we warmed up, then we got on a flat road for some endurance in first, second, and third position, then we moved to a hill, and then rounded it all out with sprints. We repeated that loop two more times and ended with a cooldown.

Here are the tunes:

Two of the mashups aren’t there. One of my all time fav’s “Call me on broken glass” (which was an endurance song) and “We found somebody that I used to know” (which was a sprint).

This week I have no clue what I’m doing for class on Thursday. Gotta make some magic happen. Any song suggestions?


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The last class(es)

So, I think I’ve been in a minor depression since I taught my last class on Monday, hence the lack of posting. It’s like a part of me has been taken away. It was time to stop teaching. My belly is now interfering with my form, so it was time. I’m going to miss it terribly for the next 3-4 months though.

The good thing is that my last few classes were awesome! My last class at the Y had the best energy…and with 14 people in class on a Thursday, I couldn’t have asked for more! It was nice to hear people say they were going to miss me and that I’d better be back. Oh…I plan on being back. They need not worry!

My Saturday class was all about the loops. We warmed up and then continued on a flat road, followed by jumps on a medium hill, then power climbs done to power ballads, and sprints. This loop was completed three times for the hour class.

The power climbs done to power ballads was inspired by my husband. He has been on a Hot Rod kick and the soundtrack is almost entirely to Europe. Yes, that’s right people, think The Final Countdown.

If you haven’t seen Hot Rod, it’s totally random, but totally amazing. I mean, spoofing the Footloose-Kevin-Bacon-mad-dancing-scene…amazing.

I told you. Amazing.

And you know what else was amazing…the playlist for “Saturday Fun: Loops”:



I mean, climbing a hill to “You’re the best around”…how could you not feel like Rocky??? Or at least like Sweet Dee???

I also had a few of my fav mashups on this one:

Annie Lennox. She rules.

I have to say, I’m a fan of some Janelle Monae and this mashup with Nancy Sinatra just makes me happy!

The other new song that I’m pretty stoked about is Jagwar Ma’s, Come Save Me. Thanks to NPR for this find!

So what am I doing with myself now that I’m not spinning? Well, I see some elliptical in my future and I’ve still been hitting up my bootcamp classes. Bootcamp with a lot of modifications, that is. Don’t worry, I’ve still got one more new playlist to put up here and I’m not going to stop posting. I know all five of you were really worried that your most favorite blog wouldn’t be posting anymore. Alas, I can only keep re-organizing the baby room so much!



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