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Just livin’ and not bloggin’

So, I’m totally weak and lame. I have been coming up with some pretty amazing playlists lately, but alas, I have not shared them with you all. Weak. Lame.

With all this non-posting, you would think my life is uber glamorous or something. It’s not. Most days I’m covered in baby drool and trying to mask my under-eye circles while searching for new music during the ten minutes that Baby Man is napping. Here is what has been going on lately. Some pretty great stuff:

  1. It’s happening! A real cycling studio is opening in Knoxville and I’m going to be one of the instructors. I’m really excited and training is this week. Whoop, whoop!
  2. In post-pregnancy news…I tried on a few pairs of pants and they actually fit! Well, the fit well enough to pass. I don’t think I’ll be splitting any seams. It only took 9 months. Jeez. Maybe at 12 months everything will actually fit.
  3. White Christmas Cookies have arrived! Wee!!!!! My Oma makes these and sends them to me every year. Imagine almond cookie powdered sugar goodness melting in your mouth. Yum.
  4. Since the cookies are here, it means it’s time for Christmas movie watching– so far, we’ve crossed National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and Scrooged off the list. Elf is in the very near future.
  5. Making new recipes for Baby Man in hopes he will opt for putting them in his mouth over throwing them on the floor.
  6. Wrapping presents. So. Much. Wrapping. Thank goodness for Target and cute wrapping paper. Now if only I could get my bootay to the post office.
  7. Christmas card sending out. I’m lucky that I didn’t die like George Costanza’s fiance in Seinfield. I think I licked roughly 75 envelopes.
  8. Avoiding death by tupperware. Yeah, I’m lucky I haven’t tripped, fallen, broken a hip, and gotten pneumonia from all the tupperware that Baby Man likes to disperse throughout the house. It’s a miracle I’m still here.
  9. Actively trying to win Starbucks for Life.

Welp, that’s about the long and the short of it. I swear, I’ll post some full playlists soon, but in the meantime…shake your groove thing to some Goldfrapp. No…it’s not a Starbucks drink.


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Back to Reality

Welp, vacation is over and as the song goes, “back to life, back to reality”.

Classic life jam! Apparently, my back to life moment meant that reality karate chopped my neck. Holy crick! I’m talking I couldn’t move my neck to either side or up or down on Sunday evening. Not cool. Thank goodness I had a hot stone massage scheduled for Monday. Take that reality! My neck still isn’t completely mobile, but it’s a heck of a lot better.

Reality also means that I need to get my creative mojo going. I need to get some new class playlists together and I am at a creative standstill. I think I am going to recycle some old rides this week as I try and get something new together for next week. If you have any song recommendations, let me know!

In the works is a theme ride. I’m gonna throw it back on a Thursday to the 90s. I already have the playlist and I’m just trying to get the songs ordered properly to make it a killer workout. I am also in the process of putting together a Jock Jams II playlist. If you have any Jock Jam fav’s, leave them in the comment section. I have done a Jock Jams ride before and I just love the vibe. Here is the playlist from my first Jock Jams ride:

jock jams

Awww, yeah. Can’t beat the Jock Jams. I mean…c’mon. Also very 90s. So I can’t do the #tbt:90s edition the same week. People may revolt. Or….they may carry me out of the spin room on their shoulders. All depends how they feel about the 90s.

My last idea for class is a endurance/hill/sprints workout. Basically warm up, then endurance stage, hills, and end on sprints. I have no songs in mind yet, just the concept.

Reality in family life has been a bit harsh lately. Tiny Man has had a bit of trouble adjusting back to his normal routine, which means less sleep for both of us. Boo! I’m hoping he is back on track in the next day or so. Also, I think he is teething. Today I bought him a baltic amber teething necklace. Yes, I’m granola. Yes, I think he is going to look ridiculous. Do I care? Not if it stops the drooling even 50 percent. I swear, sometimes I don’t know if we have a dog or a baby boy. So. Much. Drool.

That’s all I’ve got this Monday. I hope your reality has been kinder to you than mine has been to me lately! If not, at least we have coffee.


Now that was a random ending to a blog post.



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Weekend. There was a weekend???

Gah! Where did the weekend go? How is it Monday already? Between trying to get things ready in preparation for Baby G (8 more weekends left) and Christmas, it’s like the weekend didn’t even exist. I kind of feel like this…


I’m smiling and singing, but inside I am freaking the f*!k out. I know, I know. Julie Andrews (aka Maria) is perfect! She never lets a little work get her feathers ruffled. I shouldn’t feel frazzled because there are 1,347 more things I need to get done in 8 weeks, but I do. Oh well. Just a spoonful of sugar will help the work go down. What? Wait. Wrong movie.

Anyhoo- we got a lot done this weekend. Three big items were checked off our never ending to-do list along with the other 25 items for this weekend that I won’t bother boring you with, but believe me, there was a lot going on! So, I know you are just dying to know what we actually got accomplished. Well…

We got certified in Infant CPR.

I was already certified, but Jeremy wasn’t. So we went to our first child class, Infant Safety & CPR. Basically, besides the CPR, it was kind of a waste of time. Bottom line was your kid could die in about 500 ways in 15 seconds. Yeah. It wasn’t fun. I’m glad we now know some of the stuff, but really, the class should have been titled, “Get ready to never sleep or be relaxed again” or “Watch out! Your child could kill itself in 876 different ways”. After 2.5 hours, we were on our way to…(cue scary music)…The Mall aka Worst Idea Ever. My husband never shops, but decided that we needed to get him some new duds at J. Crew. Good idea honey, good idea.

So, what else did we accomplish???

We got our tree.

Funny story about the tree. It didn’t look THAT big in the parking lot. When we got it home, a bit had to be taken off the bottom so it wouldn’t touch the ceiling and it may be a tad too big. Just call me Clark Griswold.


LOTTA SAP in here. Looks great! Little full. Lotta sap.

Yep, after the husband made two trips to Home Depot– one for a saw, the other for a new (bigger and sturdier) stand. We were set!

After the tree was finally set up, it was on to our next task before a neighborhood Christmas party.

We set up the changing station.

No real fun story here. Baby G now has a place where his poop and pee will be cleaned up off of him and sprayed all over us. Good times.

What I didn’t do this weekend was create a new ride for class this morning? So, what did I do? Recycle an oldie, but a goodie! I have no clue why I entitled this ride, Ready to Rumble, except that the song, Ready to Rumble is in it and it is a quick get ‘er done type of ride. It’s 46 minutes total, so it is to the point.

The tunes:


The Gist: 

  1. Warmup- nice and easy, getting those legs warmed up and ready to work
  2. Fast flat road. A 6 on the 1-10  RPE scale. In the saddle for 1 min, 2nd for 1 min, and 3rd for 1 minute
  3. Sprints on a flat road. 30 on/30 off (really fun to do when your clock has gone missing & your iPod is halfway across the room)
  4. Flat road continues, on chorus, turn to the right and surge in 3rd.
  5. Jumps on a medium hill. 4 count or 8 count. This time I did 8 count.
  6. Hill continues. Add resistance on chorus and surge. Should feel like an 8-9 on RPE.
  7. Stay in 3rd, turn resistance back for a medium hill, sit and sprint on chorus.
  8. Flat road, work at a 6-7, RPMs between 95-110. Work on that endurance in the saddle.
  9. Last hill. Start heavy, should feel like an 8. Small turns to add resistance every minute. Recover for last minute of song.
  10. Sprints. 1st sprint- 30 sec, 2nd sprint 45 sec, last spring 20 sec. Sprints are on chorus. (Have you noticed? I like to use the chorus!)
  11. Cool-down and start upper body stretching
  12. Finish up stretching off the bike.

A fast & furious playlist to get in, get out, and get the most of your time on the bike! The playlist kind of went with my weekend.

I hope you all have a great Monday! Hopefully your weekend was a bit more laid back than mine.

Next spin is going to be a Christmas one…I hope! If you have any Christmas songs you think would work for class, let me know in the comments!

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