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New week, new playlist!

Depending on how you slept last night…It’s either “Whoop Whoop, it’s Monday!”


OR…”Womp Womp, it’s Monday.”


I woke up feeling pretty good, but after teaching class I wanted to crawl in to bed again. And I did. For about 10 minutes. Ah, the joys of having a 5mo old! Not like I can really complain though, he sleeps through the night so I’m doing pretty darn good. After having my second cup of coffee, I’m starting to feel human again.

So, I’ve got a brand spankin’ new playlist for ya this morning! Hopefully it will brighten up your Monday (if you need it) and keep you going strong throughout the day.

The ride this morning went through the three training zones. We started off with endurance, moved to strength, and then finished it off with some intervals. Here is the playlist:

zones playlist


This is what we did:

  • Songs 2-4 were endurance. We started with a run in 2nd & 3rd, moved on to a flat road with a right/left drill, stayed on a medium flat road and alternated between 1st & 3rd.
  • Songs 5-7 were hills. We started off with jumps, did a long climb, and ended with a heavy hill with surges.
  • Songs 8-9 were sprint intervals. Started off in 3rd and did seated sprints and moved on to six rounds of tabata.

Let’s talk music:

Have you guys heard the new Fitz song? Soooo good. I love me some Fitz & The Tantrums. Great for a warmup!

Also, I love that song, Pompeii and this remix is taking to a whole new level for me. I used this as a flat road and we did right/left drills.

And who says Dolly Parton wouldn’t work for a spin class? I don’t know, but I think this Kygo version of Jolene would prove them wrong! I used this song for a seated hill climb. We would climb, then back it off to a flat road and then add resistance back in. We started at a 6 and worked our way up to an 8.

I know this Britney song has been around for a while, but as I was watching So You Think You Can Dance, I was like….where has this song been all my life? It’s Britney b*tch. She’s back. Maybe. I don’t use a lot of Britney in my classes, but this song makes me want to work it. This is the clean version and we did tabatas (20 on/20 off, 6 times). I want a Maserati and a martini!






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On repeat

I can’t get enough of this remix! It’s a little bit old, little bit new. Listen to it now! That is all.

No Diggity Remix

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