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Back to Reality

Welp, vacation is over and as the song goes, “back to life, back to reality”.

Classic life jam! Apparently, my back to life moment meant that reality karate chopped my neck. Holy crick! I’m talking I couldn’t move my neck to either side or up or down on Sunday evening. Not cool. Thank goodness I had a hot stone massage scheduled for Monday. Take that reality! My neck still isn’t completely mobile, but it’s a heck of a lot better.

Reality also means that I need to get my creative mojo going. I need to get some new class playlists together and I am at a creative standstill. I think I am going to recycle some old rides this week as I try and get something new together for next week. If you have any song recommendations, let me know!

In the works is a theme ride. I’m gonna throw it back on a Thursday to the 90s. I already have the playlist and I’m just trying to get the songs ordered properly to make it a killer workout. I am also in the process of putting together a Jock Jams II playlist. If you have any Jock Jam fav’s, leave them in the comment section. I have done a Jock Jams ride before and I just love the vibe. Here is the playlist from my first Jock Jams ride:

jock jams

Awww, yeah. Can’t beat the Jock Jams. I mean…c’mon. Also very 90s. So I can’t do the #tbt:90s edition the same week. People may revolt. Or….they may carry me out of the spin room on their shoulders. All depends how they feel about the 90s.

My last idea for class is a endurance/hill/sprints workout. Basically warm up, then endurance stage, hills, and end on sprints. I have no songs in mind yet, just the concept.

Reality in family life has been a bit harsh lately. Tiny Man has had a bit of trouble adjusting back to his normal routine, which means less sleep for both of us. Boo! I’m hoping he is back on track in the next day or so. Also, I think he is teething. Today I bought him a baltic amber teething necklace. Yes, I’m granola. Yes, I think he is going to look ridiculous. Do I care? Not if it stops the drooling even 50 percent. I swear, sometimes I don’t know if we have a dog or a baby boy. So. Much. Drool.

That’s all I’ve got this Monday. I hope your reality has been kinder to you than mine has been to me lately! If not, at least we have coffee.


Now that was a random ending to a blog post.




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The Jam was Pumped

Well, the Jock Jams playlist almost didn’t happen. This preggo lady was feeling a bit tired due to an early Sunday morning dance party in her tummy. I need to teach this boy that dance parties don’t start at 4:30 AM. Alas, I got a second wind after an afternoon nappy-poo and was able to get my shizz together in time for class on Monday morning.

Let me just say, if you are tired and not really feeling a workout–put on some Jock Jams. Insta-energy maker! My class was pretty sweaty afterwards, so I think this class got their engines started this morning.

The Tunes & The Gist:

  • Let’s Get Ready to Rumble: Warmup
  • Space Jam– Quad City DJ’s: Run in 2nd for 1 min, run in 3rd for 1 min, sit and sprint 15 on/15off x2, run in 2nd for 1 min
  • It Takes Two– Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock: 8 count Jumps
  • Everybody Dance Now– C&C Music Factory: Med hill in seated & 3rd
  • Pump Up the Jam: Seated flat road
  • Going Out of My Mind: Fat Boy Slim- sprints 30 on/30 off in saddle
  • Rhythm is a Dancer– Snap followed by I like to Move it: Repeat Space Jam sequence, able to go through it twice
  • This is How We Do It– Montell Jordan: medium hill in saddle with jumps on the chorus
  • Push It– Salt N’ Pepa:  Hill continues in 3rd for 2 min, then down in saddle
  • Whoomp! There It Is- Tag Team: Run in 2nd and sit and sprint on chorus
  • Show Me Love- Robyn S.: Recover & start stretching on bike
  • Don’t Stop Believing– Vitamin String Quartet: stretch legs

Ah, nothing quite gets your morning started like the 90s. Well, a big cup of coffee will probably do the trick too, BUT you don’t get all of those awesome endorphins and the cup of coffee isn’t as fun or as entertaining. Side notes: I totally forgot about the Space Jam song (classic!) and Whoomp! There It Is. I had the Whoomp! single cd. Four songs on the CD, all versions of Whoomp! There It Is. Brilliant.




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Let’s get ready to rumble…

In addition to spinning, I’m addicted to bootcamp. I get to workout with some amazing ladies in the wee hours of the morning and our butts are kicked by one awesome trainer. I use to go 2-3 times a week, but with being pregnant and all, I’ve had to back off a bit. It’s really a weird feeling to have to hold yourself back. I’m use to always pushing myself and giving my all, so this holding back thing is totally not my style. I never use to pay to close attention to my heart rate monitor, but now I’m checking that bad boy every few minutes. Pregnancy has really affected my heart rate. Six months ago, I would really have to push myself to get my heart rate up (the benefits of being fit and having a low heart rate), but now…totally different story. I walk up a flight of stairs and I’m like, whoa.

Anyways, back to bootcamp and working out in the gym. Lately, we’ve been listening to Jock Jams & 90s classics (I mean Marky Mark– a definite 90s classic) and I’ve decided that a Jock Jams inspired spin class is just begging me to be created! I plan on getting this playlist together this week and will debut it for class on Monday morning. Jock Jams takes me back to Jr. High and it just makes me so pumped.  Yes, Jock Jams volume 1 came out in 1995, I’m dating myself here people! So, Jock Jams is on the docket. Let me know if you have a favorite song from one of their many volumes! Are you ready for this?!?!

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