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PSA for the day

Ok people, it’s my PSA for the day…If you are sick, stay at home!

It’s easy, it’s simple. Stay on your couch, in your bed. Do not leave your home. Quarantine yourself. Nothing at work is that pressing. I’m not going to thank you for being my friend and rejoice in being sick by your side.


So yeah, someone at work was sick, totally came in to work instead of following the amazing advice above and now I’m feeling like I am starting to fight off a cold. I don’t feel bad, but I don’t feel great. I woke up coughing last night and I was not happy. Actually, I started cursing this person’s name around midnight when I was having a coughing fit and I let her know how unhappy I was with her this morning. I just don’t understand why people come in to work when they are sick. You look like death warmed over. Do us all a favor and keep your germs to yourself!

I’ve never been a germaphobe before, but now with being pregnant, I’m like…whoa, back up off it. You have the sniffles, stay 10 feet away. You’re coughing, please go in to the other room– yeah, I’m sorry, but just covering your mouth is not going to cut it. I think I need a medical mask. Those are cool to wear around, right???

medical mask


Seems like this guy thinks their cool!

Anyways, I got a fresh squeezed juice this morning and have been drinking water like it’s going out of style. A lovely orange packed with vitamin-C is in my future. Wish me luck in fending off the sickness!


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