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I’ve got the clap…

NO NO NO! I don’t have gonorrhea (thank goodness!), this is just the title of my latest spin playlist! I know, I’m unbelievably clever…or maybe I’m just a bit sick in the head. Either way, I think I’m hilarious.

So after my whistling playlist, I decided a clapping playlist was in order! I mean, what could be more motivating than clapping??? You’re right…dangling a cupcake in front of my students’ faces while I’m teaching would probably be better. And I would think they would be more excited than this bunny with a carrot dangling in front of him.


Right about now a gin and tonic would  entice me more than a cupcake. Just sayin’, mama is going to be ready for a stiff cocktail once this boy is out of my belly!

Ok- back to the tunes. Without futher adieu…the “I’ve got the clap” playlist.


I really enjoyed this playlist and I’m sure my Monday class did once I finally got the sound system working! The ride was loop-like, we went from a flat road, to jumps or a hill or both, to sprints. Thursday I get a re-do of this class at the other gym I teach at and fingers-crossed, I won’t have any issues.

OH! If you are a clapping fiend and need another amazing song to clap to, have I got a treat for you! I heard this song on the radio this morning and I was like, OMG, clapping. Took me back to 7th grade!

I mean, really?!?! How could I forget about Mr. Big???? I’m sorry. I’ve failed you all.


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Best laid plans

Sometimes things don’t work out the way you think they are going to. Last night and this morning have not gone the way I envisioned.

Last night…

I was tired. Pooped. When it’s 7:45pm and you are already tucked in to bed, you know you are one tired pup. I figured with how exhausted I felt, going to sleep would be no problemo. Wrong! Big problemo. Apparently, baby G wanted to be a little shitburger last night. He didn’t get the memo that it was sleepy time and not dance party/karate fest in mom’s belly. Shitburger. Yep. It’s a technical term, but don’t go looking in “The Books” for it because I’m sure it’s not a widely recognized term. So between all the happenings in my stomach and the fact that I couldn’t get comfortable to save my life regardless of how I entwined myself with my Snoogle.

What’s a Snoogle you ask??? Only the most comfortable and (as far as I can tell) BEST pregnancy investment EVAHHHH!


I’ve recently heard the Snoogle referred to as the biggest “cock block”. Yep. It is. Why do I need that dude who did this to me and got me all uncomfortable in the first place when I have the Snoogle to cuddle with and make me feel safe and warm?

Ok, Snoogle tangent over. Seriously though, if you are pregnant or end up getting pregnant, get yourself the Snoogle! You won’t regret it.

Ok, so back to my non-sleeping…yep, it was one restless night. I think I ended up falling asleep around 1am and my alarm went off at 4:55am so I could go teach spin at 5:30am. Well rested? I think not.


This morning….

I made my way to the gym: tired, but pretty excited to teach my “I’ve got the clap” playlist. Yes, this is exactly what I named the playlist. Did I tell the class my amazing title? Well, no. I just told them it was a clapping themed playlist. Not sure how well that joke would go over. I think it is hilarious though. If you don’t think it is hilarious, I just don’t think we can be friends anymore.

Well, if not sleeping wasn’t bad enough, the iPod dock decided that it wanted nothing to do with my iPod this morning. My iPod was totally rejected this morning. What in the heck was going on? Ugh. I tried to keep putting it in to the dock, but it just kept falling out. What in the….I stood there and tried at least 15 times to keep my damn iPod from falling out of the dock, but alas, I could not get it to work.

Well, this wasn’t what I had planned, but class had to go on. With no backup, I moved my iPod to the middle of the room and started the class with the faint sounds of my playlist over the much louder humming of the bikes. Total bummer. You never really realize how loud the humming of the bikes are until you are faced with no music. The class was pretty cool about it, I made a few jokes, and class was underway. After five songs, I decided enough with this ish! I got off my bike and took one last attempt at putting my iPod in that dock socket. Wahoo! Houston, we have liftoff to the sweet sounds of my “I’ve got the clap” playlist!!!

THANK THE LORD BABY JESUS! Spin class with no music is like peanut butter with no jelly, tonic with no gin, bedtime with no snoogle…you get my point.

So yeah, over the last 24 hours things have not really gone according to plan. It’s only 7am right now, so hopefully things are starting to turn around! Happy Monday!!!

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