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The underappreciated sub

Do you like subs?


No…not the kind you eat! Fitness class subs! You, silly.

Sit back, relax, grab a sub and enjoy my tale of subbing woe.

I know that everyone has teachers that they love and very rarely stray from them. I use to be one of these people. The regular teacher wouldn’t be there and the “ugh, it’s a sub” chorus sang in my head. Thoughts of “should I leave?”  would enter my brain. I have to say though, sometimes a sub can surprise you and you can find another teacher that you love.

Well, last week I subbed a spin class and a bootcamp class.

I was subbing the most popular spin teacher’s class. Was I nervous? A bit. I know that everyone loves her and I was just hoping that no one would hate me and walk out. I’ve taken her class a couple times before and I think she is good. Is she the best spin teacher I’ve ever had? No. Not by a long shot. I’ve taken classes with some pretty amazing instructors. She’s been teaching at the gym for 15 years or something, so you know some people would never fathom taking another teacher. People get really set in their ways, especially in spin. Some people won’t ever even change up which bike they sit in. I actually think having a favorite bike is pretty darn common.

So, how did I do? No one walked out, so I was happy about that! Did I think they loved me? Eh. It’s always hard to tell. I always tend to think that everyone hates me– it’s my self deprecating attitude. I always second guess my song/profile choices. I just want every spin t0 be challenging and fun. I know my style is a bit different from the regular instructor, but I’m pretty sure they all got a good workout in. I was talking to a guy who regularly comes to my classes as well and he didn’t think that anyone would have hated me and told me it was a good class. That made me feel a bit better. It was fun to have a large class and maybe one or two will show up at one of my classes! Well, probably not since my regular class is at 6:15am and this was a 5:30pm class, but hey…a girl can hope!

I also subbed bootcamp last week. I ran in to the teacher who regularly teaches and she gave me permission to kick their butts. I was excited to sub bootcamp again as it had been a while since I got to teach a bootcamp class. I put together a pretty butt kicking workout complete with stations, tabatas, and ending with the famous Sally. The people in class said it was a great workout and loved/hated Sally. The only bummer was there was only three people in class. Yep. Insert sad face. People got word that the regular instructor was going to be out and decided to skip out on Saturday’s bootcamp class. Bummer! It is always a bit disheartening when you spend time putting together a workout and get low attendance numbers. Oh well. More one-on-one attention for the people who were there. I am big on correct form, so I like being able to really pay attention to each participant.

What do you think? If there is a sub do you skip out? Ever find an awesome instructor because they were a sub?


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New Year, New Workout

I taught bootcamp blitz last night. Attendance was dismal. Two people. I figured attendance would be low the evening after all of the New Year’s Eve festivities. Even though I only had two people, I made sure to give them a good workout! I mean, they made the effort to get there, so they deserved to work it out! The one guy was a still a tad bit hungover and I’m not sure he was really that excited to be talked in to class by his friend. He stuck it out though! So…the workout. I saw that The Fitnessista had a pretty darn good post-Christmas workout, so I took that as inspiration and added my own spin on it!

Here’s what we did:

5 minute warmup: Consisted of jogging around the gym, jumping jacks, Frankenstein walks, in-in-out-out with the floor ladders.

The plan for this workout was simple, a round of tabata followed by a strength section to hit the upper body, lower body, and abs. Each strength exercise was performed for one minute before moving on to the next. If you don’t remember, tabatas are 20 seconds all out with 10 seconds of rest for 8 rounds.

Tabata 1: fast pace squats and 180 degree jumps, alternate between the two

  • pushup to side plank
  • walking wall sit
  • sit-up challenge- partner kept track of how many so that they could beat it the next round

Tabata 2: high knees, burpees, mountain climbers, and jumping lunges and repeat.

  • plank up downs
  • one legged bridge, switch legs at 30 seconds
  • sit-up challenge

Now, I had planned a third tabata, but the class is only a total of 30 minutes, so we didn’t get to it. Thirty minutes goes by really fast! These two were friends, so we ended up starting just a tad bit late, but this is what it would have been in case you want to do it at home! I would also add tricep dips and one legged squats to the strength section to make this a complete 3-round workout. It’s a new year…get to it!

Tabata 3: skiers and sumo squats, alternate between the two

  • final sit-up challenge

My music for this class was pretty much all mashups. Stay tuned and I’ll be sure to post it for those of you who are mashup obsessed like myself!


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Last night I talked a couple of co-workers in to coming to the bootcamp blitz class I was teaching. They both had never been to a bootcamp class before and were seriously leery about attending. I told them, that they could totally do it! It’s a 30 minute class, so with a warmup and cooldown, only like 20 minutes of hard work. They still weren’t sure about it and were having serious doubts right before class. Well, there was some hate in their eyes for me after class, BUT I think they were actually pretty proud of what they had accomplished. I was very proud of them for just coming and I hope they will be open to coming and getting out of their comfort zones again.

So much of life has to do with our mindsets. It’s about how we react when faced with a situation. It’s about not coming up with an excuse for why you can’t do something.  Your outlook and mindset is really everything. A couple days before class I had emailed my co-workers the following quotes for inspiration. I think they did help them see that they had to believe they could do it and to stop thinking of reasons why they couldn’t.

anything excuse

Class was great last night! I had 11 people, usually there are only 4-5, so I was stoked. After class a girl came up to me and asked me how far along I was and was amazed at what I could still do pregnant. I find it funny that people are so amazed that I am still working out while being pregnant. Really, I think it’s no big deal. I feel like I’ve cut back soooo much on my intensity, but just getting up and keeping with my routine gives me a sense of normal when my whole body is changing.  Being someone who has had body image issues and eating issues, there are good days and bad days with all of this change. I have to say, there are more good days and when I start getting down, I just remind myself that I am growing a human inside of me. There is no way that my body wouldn’t change. Also, it is pretty cool to have people say that you are inspiring to them or that they want to be like you when they are pregnant. I must not look that bad!

Today was a day in the gym with my gals and my trainer got some video of me on the ropes. She put the video to Katy Perry’s, “Roar”, which I am kind of obsessed with. Sorry, I’m not sorry. When I first saw the video, I was like, “Yeah…get some!”. Then of course, my attention turned to, “Oh my gosh, what is happening to my back, I look huge, what is that bulge…”. Then it was time to just shut off those voices and stick with the “I rock!” sentiment instead. It’s a much better and healthier sentiment to have anyways. So yeah, I’m 28 weeks pregnant and I’m rockin’ the ropes. And that’s pretty awesome.

**I was trying to post the video here, but I can’t figure out how to upload a .mov file! I am going to post the video on Twitter (@schacalieu) if you are interested!

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