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Best of 2013

New Year’s Eve is upon us! Like any good spin instructor, I put together my “Best of 2013” playlist. I have to say, my “Best of” playlists always tend to be a bit more on the pop side. I did check a few “top” lists online and while I agreed with some of the songs, I just couldn’t bear to put others (ahem, Miley’s Wrecking Ball) on my playlist.

My class came in ready to work. It seems as though we’ve all had our fair share of cookies and other holiday foods and just needed to work it out..  The ride this morning was pretty intense, not much recovery. I definitely worked up a good sweat and I could tell that my class did too. Ok, so here we go…

The tunes & the gist:

Can’t Hold Us: Warmup- Started seated, ran in 2nd and out in 3rd before taking it back seated.

Blurred Lines:  Around the world jumps (10count) on a medium hill. Love this song! I have a clean version that I use for class.

Royals: Started on medium hill, seated, added a few turns of resistance. Took it up to 3rd for the last minute.

Ho Hey [DC Landon Remix]: Sprints 30 on/30 off. Really love this remix. And yes. This song was on my Best of 2012 playlist, but I feel like it has still been on the radio a ton and I found this remix this year, so….play it again!

Get Lucky: Recover for 1 min. Get on medium flat road. Nice and steady, working on endurance. Had a break from the saddle in 2nd and 3rd during the middle of the song, then back to the saddle.

Radioactive: Back to a medium hill in the saddle. Add a couple of big turns of resistance and take it up to 3rd on the chorus. Repeat.

Roar: Stay in 3rd, but take resistance to a medium hill. Sit and surge on chorus. More resistance than sprint when sitting and surging. Yes, Katy Perry made it on my list. No shame in my game.

I Love It: Recover. 2 Sprints on flat road. Sprint on chorus. This was my jam of 2013. Absolutely love this song!

Sail: Last hill song. Start on a medium hill adding small turns every 20  seconds. Staying in saddle until you need to move up to 3rd. Once you hit max resistance, stay in 3rd and keep pumping up that hill.

Wake Me Up: Recover for 1 min. Last working song! Sprints- 45 on/20 off, 30 on/20 off, 20 on/10 off, 30 on

Treasure: Cooldown- Nice & easy

Mirrors: Stretch it out!

So there you have it. Last spin of 2013 is in the books! This year has really flown by and I can’t believe that I’ve been teaching spin for a little over a year. It was always one of my goals to start teaching and I’m glad at the end of 2012 I made it happen. I’m bummed that I only have a few more classes before I go on spin teaching maternity leave, but I don’t think my water breaking on the bike would be very good.

I hope everyone has a fun & safe New Years! I’ll probably be in bed by 10pm (a late night for me!), but we’ll see…maybe I’ll surprise myself. I’m teaching bootcamp on New Year’s Day, so look out for that workout. Cheers!






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