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Bootcamp Mashups and Belly Bandits

Well, my time as a fitness instructor is almost over. Three more classes to teach and then I’m out on instructor maternity leave. I’ll still be at my day job though. Sad face.

It’s kind of crazy that in 40 days (maybe less, maybe more) I will be responsible for a living, breathing, human thing. Ok, not a thing a baby. It’s crazy and a bit scary and totally overwhelming. We are still trying to get everything ready and also take advantage of our last weekends of quiet. We finally got the crib today! It’s still in the box, but it’s in our house. That’s gotta count for something, right?!?!

I’d also like to admit that I’m also really looking forward to being not pregnant. I mean, it’s been fun and all, but really…who loves everyone and their mother commenting on their size, asking how they feel 387 times a day, and getting woken up by hiccups/karate punches/the need to pee constantly in the middle of the night. The only really great thing is the maternity jeans. I mean seriously. Maternity jeans are magnificent. Ok, I like feeling the little guy  move too. Bloggers note: I do realize what a gift it is to be pregnant and I am so thankful that I’ve had such an easy ride so far. I’m not trying to be a d-bag, just trying to keep it real and maybe get a laugh or at least a smile.

In my excitement of countdown to baby, I’ve been debating ordering a Belly Bandit. I know, of all things I should be worrying about/spending money on, shrinking my tummy should not be my number one…and it’s not. BUT, I’m not gonna lie, it’s in the top 10…ok, maybe top 5. Does that make me a bad person? Sorry, I’m not sorry. I don’t want to still look pregnant months after this dude is out in the world. Vain? Maybe. Do I care. Not really. Don’t worry, I’m still stressed about breastfeeding and looking in to classes for that and taking the tour of the hospital. Oh yeah, and getting that crib made too! See, I’m not going to be the worst mother in the world!

Well, I’m not sure how mashups and Belly Bandits really fit in to the same blog post, except for the fact that I’m pretty sure my stomach is going to look pretty mashed-up after the “big show”. So…I owe you my playlist from my New Year’s Day bootcamp class that was overwhelmingly attended by all of two people. Yep. It was epic. Well, if you are a mashup fan, then at least the playlist might be epic. And maybe the class was epic for those two amazing souls who ventured out on New Year’s Day despite their hangovers. They were the real champs. The workout could be epic for you too! Have you tried it yet???

Ok workout guilt trip over. On to the tunes. P.S. There were a couple more songs on my playlist to make it a bit over 30 minutes, but they weren’t mashups, so I haven’t included them here. Here we go:

I love DJ Earworm! Always a good time.

Some old school Diana Ross mashed with Dead or Alive. A lot of spinning around happening here!

Adele vs The Eurythmics- Big fan of this one!

What would 2013 have been without Gangnam Style? BORING!

Journey vs Avicili- Truth: I have no idea how you pronounce Avicili.

Hope you are all having a great weekend!


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