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Crying?!?! There’s no crying in spinning!

OMG. We have entered a new phase with the Tiny Man. Well, a couple phases…

The first is the “sticking everything in his mouth” phase. Seriously, it’s amazing what they can find on the floor. I mean, I Swiffer our floors every other day and have just mandated a clean the kitchen floor ever day rule and he is still picking up God-knows-what and sticking it in his mouth. We are lucky he hasn’t killed himself yet.

The second phase is the “cry at the top of my lungs for any reason” phase. He is happy one minute, screeching the next. And I wonder why I have a headache nearly every single day. Still, I tell myself, it may be allergies. It most definitely is allergies if I am allergic to babies. Wouldn’t that be something? Don’t fret. I just had my allergies tested and alas, I am not allergic to babies. Seriously though, he goes 0 to 60 is .1567 seconds. It’s unreal.

He cries/screams when you take something away from him, when you are eating and won’t give him a bite, when you walk away from him, when you pick him up, when you put him down, when he’s done/doesn’t want to get out of the bath, when you put him down for a nap, when you pick him up from a nap, when you put on his clothes, take off his clothes, change his diaper… I think you get my point. It’s exhausting. I’m told this phase is going to last a couple years, so I guess I better buckle up and stop complaining. It’s really not that bad most of the time. He is such a good baby that it really is just a pain in the buttox when he decides to turn his enchanting two tooth grin in to an open mouth wail. The good thing is that although the crying happens pretty much every day, it’s spurts of crying that really don’t last that long…depending on how fast you can change a diaper or change him.

Luckily, I do have an escape from the crying. Spin class. Oh, glorious spin class. How I love thee, let me count the ways….

  1. Babies aren’t allowed in class.

Good list right?!?!

Sometime the screaming babe does accompany me to the gym where he happily plays at the daycare until he hears my voice in the hall. Then BABY WANT TO GO HOOOOMEEEEEEE! Yeah, that’s what I envision him saying when I hear his cries from afar.

Let’s go back to that dark spin room with awesome beats and the only crying going on is….well, there is none. Ok, maybe a little when I tell the class we are doing tabatas. Muah ha ha. If sweat is fat crying, then that is allowed in the room too.

Now for a few of my favorite songs that I’ve been using lately. So good, they will make you cry. Well, probably not, but they may get you up and moving!

This first one is a find by the hubs. I thought the “ooohs” in it sounded familiar and that is because it has been sampled in that “Barbra Streisand” song by Duck Sauce. If you watch Glee, you’ve heard it. Yes, I watch(ed) Glee. I’m not ashamed. Well, ok, I kind of am.

I’m not sure where I first found these, maybe on FaceBook? I don’t know, but I love them.

First heard Riptide on The Voice. It’s funny when I’m running to grab my phone to Shazam songs…at home, at the mall, in the grocery store. Yeah, I’m a nerd and I think I’m kind of in love with Vance Joy. Well, at least these two songs…

Finally, I absolutely LOVE this one by Bruno Mars & Mark Ronson. “Gotta kiss myself, so pretty!” Sidenote: just watched this video…kinda takes me back to the 90s.




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You always hear that if you ever knew all the details about pregnancy, no one would ever go through with it. Well, the same is true for the first year of being a parent as well. People keep all the real stuff bottled up and just tell you all the good stuff- like it’s all rainbows and sunbeams. It’s definitely more like cobwebs and rainbows and rainbows and cobwebs. Anyone catch the 30 Rock reference? I like to keep it real, so today you are going to learn that weaning from breastfeeding is hard. Like really hard. Not only is it painful, but all those hormones come back and you are like one crazy, sweaty person all over again.

Oh, no one told you about the post pregnancy sweats??? Yeah. You get real sweaty. All those hormones surging. It’s like you’re a 14 year old boy or a menopausal woman. Well, the same thing happens when you wean from breastfeeding. The sweats come back like whoa. You get sad- you sweat. You get mad- you sweat. You exercise- you sweat profusely.

I’ve never been a really sweaty person. I would take a spin class and just “glow”. I never formed any sweat puddles like others. Sweat puddles are gross. Now, I’m still not puddle producing, but I am definitely dropping beads of sweat and that “glow” is more like a stinky, schweaty mess. It don’t look so pretty after class (if you know what I mean).

I’m waiting for the day that the milk dries up and I’m hoping that takes my schweatyness away. Until then, I’ll be teaching class and sweating like a champ. I do think I’ve heard or read that if you sweat more and do so more quickly it is a sign of how fit you are. That’s true isn’t it??? I’m not just making this up??? Maybe I am. I’m going to believe it for now. Makes me feel less of a mess.

This playlist got me particularly sweaty. Like the last list, the mashups/remixes are missing (5 missing songs total)- I don’t know how to fix that. Maybe you can see the songs if you go to the list on Spotify? This was a 45 minute ride, endurance based with a couple hills and sprints at the end. I was reading an article that most spin classes don’t focus enough on endurance, so the last couple of rides, I’ve been trying to keep the majority of the ride at 65-75% maximum heart rate. It seems like it would make the ride easier, but if you are doing it right (on the verge of being uncomfortable), it is actually a great mind/body workout.

So here are the tunes:

I would like to point out one of the mashups on here. The “Nothing on Roar Bloom Affair” mashup. I love it. Maybe it’s because my hormones are back like they were in the 7th grade, but I am digging that they put Nirvana in here. I was listening to it on my run this morning (where I somehow managed to almost break my ankle and foot- don’t ask) and I just love it.

How are you getting schweaty today?



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I’m talking about my boobies.

In case you didn’t catch it, the title of this post is to be said with your best Anchorman impression.

Well, this is a subject I never thought I would blog about: my boobs.

Yep, I’m talking about my boobies today, so if you can’t handle the nipples, it’s time to stop reading. Also, if you aren’t a mom or a parent, you probably won’t be interested in the post. Come back in a day or some when I’m talking about my “#tbt: 90’s edition” playlist.

Ok. You’ve been warned. Last chance to head somewhere else. Somewhere over the rainbow where boobs and nipples and breastfeeding aren’t talked about in the same sentence. God forbid we talk about (or see) breastfeeding in this country. Whoops, I started getting up on my soapbox. I’ll save that for another day/time. Ahem.


You’re still here! Good. A little boob talk never hurt anyone.

If you’ve been reading for a bit, you know that I have a tiny person that I’m responsible for. He has been exclusively breastfed (no bottles, all boob action) up until today.

He is now 5 months old and is full of personality. Apparently, this little firecracker has decided that he is done with pleasantly sucking for his food. Today he started chomping. WOWSERS! HOLY SH*T. For a little guy with only gums, that shit hurts!!!! Like whoa. Did I give birth to a boy or McGruff the Crime Dog???


I don’t know what my nipples ever did, but man, he was out to get ’em.

I was so taken aback by the pain caused by the chomping, that I screamed out in anguish. The boy looked at me wide-eyed and then started crying. Hey little man, what are you crying about?!?! Did I chomp your nipples??? No! I’m just providing you with delicious nourishment and this is what I get!?! Good grief.

While we’re already talking about my nips, here’s some more TMI for you…

The boy has pulled on my nips while feeding before. Talk about fun! It’s really amazing to see your nipples being pulled out like salt water taffy.

salt water

Just in case you needed a visual. You’re welcome.

Yeah, so the pulling wasn’t pleasant, but it wasn’t terrible either. Every time he does it, I’m amazed at the elasticity of my nipples and am praying that they just keep going back to where they were before the pulling began.

Back to the chomping.

I was hoping that the chomping was a fluke. It didn’t happen during later feedings, so I thought I was in the clear. Then the final evening feeding happened. And it changed everything.

One chomp. Two chomp. Three chomp! Four???? Was I in some sort of Dr. Seuss nightmare???

dr seuss [photo source]

Four freaking chomps. My screams of anguish did nothing to detour the small boy. That was it. Bottle time.

Just FYI: I was planning on starting to wean the boy, but I was hoping to make it to six months. Plan derailed. It’s ok. I’m finding that the “thing” to this whole motherhood thing is being flexible. So I breastfeed for five months instead of six or seven…big whoop. The boy will still be getting my milk, it will just be in a bottle. He will also be getting formula mixed in with my milk. I hate pumping and I’m not going to sit around all day doing it. I’m ok with it. I’ve researched formulas and I’m making sure to give one to the boy that is chemical free.  I’m sure there are breastfeeding crazies out there that disagree with my plan. “Breastmilk is best!” is what they will shout from the rafters. Oh well. I have to do what is best for me and my baby. Baby gums (he doesn’t have teeth yet) that are like steel traps and treat my nipples like intruders…that’s not my thang!

So…when my boob was chomped for the fourth time in one sitting, I said, “Enough with this bullshizz!” and headed to the kitchen as fast as I could. I put the boy in his swing and I transferred some pumped milk to a bottle…and we all lived happily ever after. The End.

Actually, it wasn’t the end. My first bottle kept leaking, so I said a few choice expletives, went to the kitchen again, and transferred the milk to another bottle. Then there was some fumbling around as the boy figured out how to work the bottle. He finally got in a groove, then we had some more crying, changed in to PJ’s, read a story, ate a bit more, and then it was lights out.

It’s been a fun day! Where’s momma’s cocktail??? Where’s the ice??? My nipple is still burning as I type this post.


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We did it. We survived our first roadtrip with Tiny Man. We drove to Raleigh and it ended up taking us 6+ hours. I did learn a few things from our first travel experience:

  1. Make a list of things to pack. I ended up forgetting our Ergo and was pretty bummed. We had brought the bigger jogging stroller so I would be able to get some runs in and I was hoping to baby carry to make things easier. It ended up not being the end of the world. BOB just went everywhere with us.
  2. Bring lots of snacks! Tiny Man isn’t eating anything but my milk yet, so the snacks were for me. I was so glad to have healthy snacks as I really get grumpy about eating out for every meal. It was so nice to be able to have my own breakfast at the hotel and things to snack on during the day. Quest Bars are my lifesaver! The banana nut and chocolate chip are my two absolute favs!
  3. Leave lots of time to get to the destination. We were really in no hurry to get where we were going. It was nice because we just went with the flow. When we could tell Tiny Man was done with his car seat, we stopped and had an hour lunch. Word to the vegetarians out there– Burger King has decent veggie burgers. On the way there, BK was our only option. We lucked out on the way back and were able to hit up a Chili’s. Not being rushed and not having an expected time to arrive made the trip really nice. Relaxing??? Eh, I wouldn’t say relaxing, but we didn’t stress about stopping to feed Tiny Man or anything like that.
  4. Think about the room situation before-hand. The day before we left, I totally freaked. We were staying at a hotel. One room for the three of us. Not a huge deal, except…where was the pack n’ play to go? Would it fit? Tiny Man goes to sleep around 7am, what was I going to do? Just lay on the bed in silence? We ended up upgrading to a suite, which was really nice. We were staying at the Red Roof Inn and it wasn’t a huge price difference. I know this won’t always be possible, but it made it really nice for this trip. When Tiny Man went off to sleep, I was able to chill in the other room.

The next trip up is California.Tiny Man’s first trip via airplane. Yes, we are nervous. Very, very nervous. Hopefully, we are not “those people” with the crying, screaming newborn. If we are…oh well. Maybe we really should buy mini booze bottles and earplugs for our plane neighbors.

Being a planner, I’ve been researching flying with a newborn. These are the tips and tricks that I’ve seen:

  • Feed the baby during takeoff and landing. This helps with their ears popping.
  • Buy diapers at your destination.
  • Bring the carseat, but not the base and gate check the carseat & stroller. We are bringing our smaller stroller for this trip. So many people will want to hold Tiny Man that I’ll be able to sneak away for a run or workout. Yes!!!
  • Baby wearing. I will NOT forget the Ergo this time! I’ll be bringing the Boba Wrap for the plane ride and I’m hoping Tiny Man will sleep on me.

I’m definitely making a list of things to pack and we will be leaving extra early so we aren’t stressed at the airport. As far as snacks, we’ll be making a stop at Whole Foods (time permitting) for plane food and I’ve shipped Quest Bars to my mom’s house so that I don’t have to take up space packing a box. Brilliant, I know.

I am a little bit concerned about the room situation. Until we get to my dad’s house, Tiny Man will most likely be sleeping in the same room as us. Not a huge deal. We slept in the same room at the hotel, but Tiny Man moves around a lot and his portable bed is a bit noisy. Just means that we don’t sleep as well as we do at home, but I guess that is usually the case whether you have a child or not. Some serious first world problems.

We will be driving quite a bit during our trip, so I’m glad that Tiny Man loves car trips. Not having the carseat base will probably be a bit of an adjustment and we’ll have to watch the YouTube tutorial again!

The last time we flew, I knew that it was the end of an era. I took a moment to relish the fact that traveling was sooooo easy. Now I need you all to cross your fingers and wish us luck!!!!!!! If you have any other tips and advice for flying with a 4-month old, let me know! I’m sure I’ll have some kind of story to tell you all about our trip. Hopefully it’s not a tale of woe and angry airplane neighbors!


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Interval Training

As I sit at my table writing this, I’m pretty sure I resemble Goldie Hawn in Overboard.

Buh buh buh buh buh is right. After 45 minutes, the tiny man is FINALLY asleep. In order to make this happen, I had to listen to 35 minutes of hysterical crying. Not all in a row mind you. I’m not a monster mom. This was AGONIZING for me. I did let him cry for 10 minutes at a time though. Each minute feels like an hour. Worst thing for a mom ever! My heart has never hurt so much. The hubs told me I need to set a timer because the tiny  man is starting to get smart. He is like a little tiny spy. Trying to figure out our weaknesses. Tricky little tiny man. We are bigger. We are smarter?

So, I let the tiny man cry in intervals: 10 minutes on, 5 minutes off. Kind of like my spin class this morning. Tabatas. 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off. I’d rather do tabatas for days then listen to that crying though. The crying is just him testing me. I have to stay strong. Just like getting through those 8 rounds of tabatas. Isn’t this a great analogy today?!?!? If you’re not a parent, it probably isn’t that great.

Let me just say, when the crying was finished and the sleep won out…I rejoiced. It felt as if I was a unicorn galloping on a rainbow! Reminds me of a Lisa Frank folder.


Ah, Lisa Frank. Yes, I am a child of the 90s. Anyhoo, I’m sure my class felt this way when the tabatas were over too. If you can’t tell, class today was HIIT. The spin had 3 tabatas. A sprint tabata, tabata on a medium road, and a strength tabata. Basically, each time we did a tabata, a bit more resistance was added. Say it with me ta-ba-ta.

The (you guessed it) tabatas are pretty killer. They definitely get you working in that anaerobic zone! In between each tabata was working recovery and a couple hills were in there too. Here is what class looked like today:

  1. Warmup
  2. Jumps on a medium hill, 2 resistance changes
  3. Recover 1 min, 8 rounds sprint tabata, recover 1 min
  4. Run w/resistance in 2nd  & 3rd position
  5. Recover 1 min, 8 rounds medium road tabata
  6. Working recovery in 2nd & 3rd
  7. Rolling hills
  8. Medium to heavy hill (3 resistance changes), seated to standing
  9. Working recovery in 1st
  10. Strength tabata- 4 rounds seated, 4 rounds in 3rd
  11. Recover
  12. Stretch

And here was the soundtrack to class:

tabata time

So, there you have it. Nothing like a little tabata to get your Monday started on the right foot!

Also, even though the tiny man was being a crank nugget, I still was able to bake banana bread, regular bread, and peanut butter cookies. Multi-tasking at its finest. Now, I’m off to enjoy this peace and quiet while it lasts. Hopefully I have at least another 5 minutes!




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The power of music

Well, I have been absent from posting because Baby G was born on Saturday, February 22nd.  Pretty good reason to be MIA, don’t ya think??? I can’t believe it’s almost been 3 weeks! I won’t bore you all with the details, but it was a bit of a traumatic labor and ended with an emergency c-section. Needless to say, it is going to be a long 6 weeks before I can get back to any type of exercise or teaching classes. Oh well, I’m just enjoying the time getting to know the new tiny man in my life and trying to not focus on how mushy my stomach seems to be.

In the last few days, we have figured out that the tiny man seems to be quite the fan of music. We put on some Motown the other day and he stopped crying immediately. Weird? Maybe. Understandable? Totally! We had music on all the time while I was pregnant and the tiny man definitely heard a lot during all of my spin classes. In addition to Motown, he is loving the 80s. I put on my Howard Jones Pandora station the other night and he went out like a light. He also started crying a bit in the car yesterday and then Madonna came on and there wasn’t another peep. I like his style!

Not that this is profound or anything, but it is so amazing how music can motivate, soothe, or energize us. For me, it is definitely a form of meditation. If I’m having a bad day, I can put on “Life in one Day” by Howard Jones or “I love it” by Icona Pop or “Train in Vain” by The Clash and I instantly feel better. Music also can bring back strong memories. For instance (don’t judge me) anytime Mr. Big’s “To be With You” comes on, it takes me back to being in my mom’s van driving to my Oma & Opa’s house and singing along to that song. Or hearing Weezer’s “Sweater Song” and being instantly transported back to 7th (or was it 8th?) grade.

I’m so glad that the tiny man can be soothed by music and I hope it continues. I can’t wait until we can have dance parties with him in our living room and embarrass him by singing Hall & Oats or whatever else it is that he will find totally cringe worthy. I’m sure me singing and dancing to my ultimate jam, “It’s Tricky” by Run DMC will be sure to get him running for the hills!

Do you guys have certain songs that take you back, totally soothe you, or get you in the mood to work out?



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