Well, hello there. Thanks for stopping by.

I’m ready to clip in and get this blog rolling! I hope you are ready to join me for the ride. So, here’s the deal: I teach spin, I love working out, I find great joy in creating playlists that will make my students forget they are suffering, and I like to dance and sing like no one is watching because if they were watching– they’d be scared. I’ve started blogs before, but none of them have ever really stuck. I’m hoping to break the curse with this one! I’ll be writing about my life on and off the bike because, let’s face it…life is the ultimate ride. Oh boy, was that cheesy or what?!?! Don’t judge me. At least wait to judge me until you read the rest of this page. Then, and only then, you can judge.

Some tidbits about me:

  • I have an awesome husband and am a new mom to the cutest baby boy. I love them both to death (yep, more cheese for ya!).
  • I’m a YMCA and Mad Dogg certified spin teacher.
  • Most of my days are spent taking care of the small boy.
  • I was an event planner in my prior life and I still work events occasionally.
  • I hate tomatoes.
  • I LOVE hummus. Seriously. L.O.V.E. The Mister and I go through hummus like it’s going out of style. I should really buy some stock in chickpeas or Sabra.
  • My favorite thing to touch is book covers. Yes, I am a weirdo who will go in to a bookstore and caress all the book covers. It’s not as pervy as it sounds.
  • I love working out. Spin, bootcamp, yoga, training for runs/triathlons…you name it, I probably do it or have tried it.
  • The 80’s are where it’s at! It’s Tricky by Run DMC is my ultimate jam.
  • I wish life was like a musical. Maybe one day my dreams will come true.

Welp, that’s all for now. I hope you keep stopping by. Don’t be a stranger!


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