Apparently there is a spider (or a band of spiders) living in my bed or somewhere near my bed and he/she is out to get me. This spider has been attacking me for the past few months. Never two days in a row, maybe not even twice in a week, but it manages to get me just as all my old bites heal up. I actually have a scar on one of my arms from one of the bites. Yeah, this spider is a tricky little devil that means business.

Also, this spider doesn’t like to bite once or twice in a night; it likes to get me at least 3-4 times. I don’t really know what to do. I’ve washed our sheets multiple times, I’ve swept underneath the bed, I bought a new mattress liner….what more can I do???

And here is the real kicker…this spider doesn’t like to bite my husband, oh no….only me. What the hell is up with that?!?!?! My husband thought I was crazy at first. He was like,”It’s just mosquito bites”. And I was like, “Oh no. I do not react with huge itchy bumps when it’s a mosquito bite”.

I have bites on my hip, my ass, my bikini line, and now my arm. Luckily, this spider has spared my face, but I’m sure that is next on his/her list. What am I to do???? Seriously, tell me. I’m totally open to suggestions, so if anyone is reading this and has any ideas, let me know. I mean, this is insane. We even checked the bed for bed bugs, but no sign of those and I’m pretty sure bed bugs would get any and all people in the bed. I’m not sure why this spider only has a taste for me, but I am done.


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