Give it a spin!

It’s funny, when I tell people I teach spin, I get one of three reactions:

  1. They tell me how much they love spinning
  2. They tell me how much they hate spinning
  3. They tell me how scared they are of spinning

Now, I don’t judge. If you absolutely positively hate pinning and you gave it a good try (meaning you tried it at least three times before calling it quits), then fine. To each is own. It really doesn’t matter what you do, just as long as you are doing something! If you love yoga, then do yoga. If you love crossfit, crossfit it up. Rollerblading, walking, surfing…just get off your butt and do something! Of course, if you tell me you love spinning, we are bound to have a fabulous conversation about songs, what teachers do that you love/hate, and all sorts of spintastic nonsense. It always surprises me when I get someone who tells me how afraid they are to try spinning.

It seems as though spinning can be quite intimidating. First of all, you have some instructors who never ask if anyone is new. Secondly, coming in to a room where people are saving bikes or decked out in spin gear from head to toe can be a bit intimidating. The thing is, I don’t get being too scared to try something and I don’t understand people who use fear as an excuse. Maybe it’s because we moved around a bit when I was young, but I have no issues with going in to a room where I don’t know a soul and telling someone, “Hey, I’ve never done this before.” I would think that most students/teachers would be overly helpful. I know I try to be. I do hear stories from people who tried spinning and tell me the instructor yelled at them or didn’t tell them how to set up their bike and this just makes me really sad. As instructors, we have the responsibility to make anyone who enters that room feel like they should be there and that the can get through a class.

If you are someone who has never tried spinning, I say, hell…give it a shot! What have you got to lose? Things to know about spinning if you’ve never been:

  1. You need to tell the instructor that you’re new and need help. Be sure to get to class at least 10 minutes early, because nothing sucks more than class already starting or getting ready to start in 2 minutes and you need to set up a bike. It can still be done, but you probably won’t get as good of information.
  2. Your butt is going to be sore! Your butt is going to be sore the second time too! Deal with it.
  3. Give spinning at least 3 shots. If you don’t like an instructor, don’t write it off. Instructors vary  A LOT! I have had classes that I love and they go by so fast and others where I have wanted to leave because it was so horrible. Think: playing Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and thinking it was a wise choice. NEVER.
  4. You don’t need the shoes. Yes, they make a  difference, but you can get a great workout in regular sneakers.
  5. You don’t need the padded shorts. You may want them, but you don’t need them. I actually have always hated them. FYI- lots of gyms have padded seats that you can add on to your bike, just ask.
  6. Take it easy. The best part about spinning is that you can do whatever the hell you like on that bike. I may tell you to keep turning up the resistance, but you can be like “oh hell no”and just stay where you are.
  7. Just keep peddling. I tell all first-comers that they can try and do the jumps or stand in 3rd, but if all they feel comfortable doing is sitting and peddling, then that is what they should do. All of the other stuff with come with time.

I say don’t ever let being scared keep you from trying something. I think this is a terrible excuse as is, “I could never do that.” Look, everyone has to start somewhere. Whether you are in shape, 10lbs overweight or 200 lbs overweight, we all have to have a starting point. If you never even try, how will you ever know what you can accomplish?!?! I think this goes for everything in life, not just just working out.

So, there you go. Moral of today’s blog post: being scared is not an excuse. Get out there and try something that scares you! Well, don’t try crack or jumping off a bridge– that shit is scary and can kill you!

Let me know if you have any horror stories from trying spin or if you have any first-timer questions!


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